Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stucco Weekend

The weekend did not go as planned. We did work like sled dogs on Friday and got much accomplished. This is how the morning started with Toby getting the mixer ready. Notice that it was not a bright and sunny day. The temps did not get up to 60 like the weatherman had predicted, but without much wind, The day was still workable. Here is Jesse working the stucco gun. Here is Toby doing the troweling. This is known as the scratch coat if you are wondering why it looks so rough. I did get sprayed with the gun twice - by accident, of course. If you set the gun down on the trigger, it will blow. Twice Toby set the gun on the doghouse (chest level), which we were using as scaffolding, and spit stucco on me. The doghouse is the old calf barn. We have no calves, but we do have a Great Dane, and the calf barn makes a nice doghouse. That is what Toby is standing on in the photo. I'm sure OSHA would approve. So, it was a very productive day. We worked until it was too dark to see, and our bodies too tired to move.

Although the sun was shining bright, Saturday was too cold and windy to work – and we were too worn out to do a second day of stucco. Toby needed to go to Home Depot – so Jes and I went to The City for some shopping. We went to Quail Springs Mall since she also needed some new shoes and had a specific shoe store in mind. I know this will sound crazy, but we like the crowds now and then. We also like eating at the food court. We were about to head to the food court when a choir began singing Hallelujah - just like in the videos going around the Internet. It was great and the crowd loved it, and what a crowd it was! After shopping, we went by Starbucks and then to some art galleries in the Paseo. We had a great day.

Sunday was much like Saturday – weather-wise. I have been fighting a cold for several days and it was winning on Sunday. I took a big dog nap after church and woke up feeling much better. Toby and I went to Wal-Mart and then by to see the GGs, who have also been sickly. They were playing their Wii and were very entertaining.

This week is supposed to have some nice days - say around Tuesday or Wed. Toby may take a few afternoons off so that we can get the rest of the scratch coat on. I think we are rested up and ready for another round of stucco. If anyone wants to come help, come on by!


Dale said...

Looked like Jess was getting more on herself then she was the wall! LOL!!

I love that video of the choir singing in the mall, plus it is one of my favorite songs!

Buck said...

That stuccoing looks like some SERIOUS work. It's too bad about the WX turning on ya, but I'm glad y'all took a break and went a-malling. Just looking at that crowd gave me the willies, tho.

I hope you get the weather we're getting the next three days. The forecast has been revised... UP!... for tomorrow and Wednesday, with highs of 74 and 72, respectively. ZOMG!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Our weather is predicting a high of 67 for Wed. That is the warmest day for this week. It will probably be a work day for us. Hopefully the weather will be warmer than what is predicted. And yes, stucco is some heavy duty work. The three of us work pretty fast together, but it would be helpful to have more muscle next time. We looked and asked around last Friday, but no one was available.

Dale, we don't call her Messy Jesse for nothing.

joyce said...

I did ask Ben if he'd like to learn how to stucco. He asked, and I quote: "what is stucco?"

Ben had surgery yesterday for a pilionidal cyst at the base of his spine. the surgery took an hour, and the doc said it would be six weeks before he is one hundred percent. I don't think we will be able to keep him down "resting" for more than a week. ha

he is bored here already, and says we snore.

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot. Whew! Hard work. I'm glad you had a good shopping day. What fun to see the singing!

Bag Blog said...

Joyce, When Ben is feeling better, you need to send him for stucco lessons.

Jo, The singing was fun. It was also funny trying to get my camera to work when I did not have my glasses. I just held the camera up like I knew what I was doing.