Wednesday, December 08, 2010

You Know!

You know I’m not a techie nerd. If I get any of the technology part of this wrong, just rack it up to my being ignorant. You also know that we got a new TV. Well, Toby has been working to get all the right wires, cables, hook-ups, DVD stuff, etc. to make it work properly. He ordered some sort of blu-ray thang so that we can watch blu-ray movies, and it came in Tuesday. After work, he called to say that he had some errands to run and that he might stop by Wal-Mart and pick up a blu-ray movie to test the new blu-ray thang. You should know that Toby is not big on movies. I can rarely get him to go out to a movie, although he doesn’t mind renting and watching one at home. He is a bit picky about movies, though. Pretty much, he only likes happy movies. So, he asked me what movie he should buy. My mind was blank, but I told him to call me from Wal-Mart while looking at the movies. He did not call. He came home with the movie, "Inception." Really?!

"What would possess you to buy that movie?" I asked.
"The salesperson recommended it." He answered.
"Was the salesperson a nerd by any chance?"
"What’s wrong with it."
"Nothing. It is just rather intense."
"You’ve seen it before?"
"Well, yeah. Jesse and I saw it last summer. Don’t you remember us discussing it? It is kind of an intellectual movie – deep thinking."
"No. I’ll take it back."
"No, don’t take it back. You might like it. Jesse liked it. "

This discussion went on all evening, but I had already hurt his feelings. No amount of telling him the movie was actually good would help. You know me. I’m kind of wishy-washy on this. The movie was good, but too intense for me. I cannot even read The Chronicles of Narnia, because I worry when they go into the wardrobe - how the heck are they going to get out? Inception was a movie about going into people’s dreams with the possibility of not coming out. I worried throughout the movie, but it was interesting. It was mind-boggling and yet… Still, I feel bad – maybe Toby would like it. I don’t know, but I do know I hate it when he takes on the Little Red Hen attitude and makes me feel bad - like it was my fault. Okay, so he picked out a movie all by himself and I bashed his pick. Why couldn't he have called from Wal-Mart?

So we watched a netflix movie that was rather silly.

On a different note:
Jesse helped out at the alternative school yesterday. She brought home a bag of goodies that some church group had given out at the school. Inside the bag of goodies was a Christmas card. At the end of the card it read, "May God bless you real good in 2011." Jesse got a real kick out of that and said that it may be her new motto.


Deb said...

You should know better than to tread on the male species last li'l feelers. They really have a hard time with that!

Bag Blog said...

Deb, You would think that I would know, but sometimes my mouth goes off before my brain does.

Buck said...

Heh to both of the above. And you wimmen accuse us of being insensitive.

John said...

Your "real good" comment brought back a memory. In a nutshell, Susie and I were married by the same preacher who married my folks back in '55. A real nice gentleman, and very homespun in a way. Anyway, after we said our vows but before the kiss, he said..."May God bless you "real good". Everyone in the congregation was a great statement to start our lives together.

On another note...I'm not much on science fiction, but Toby should have bought the Blue-ray "Avatar". Pretty incredible special effects. Take care kiddo.

Dale said...

Poor Toby, he's kinda like that yard dog that brings a dead skunk to the steps thinking his master will be so proud, only to get fussed at for bringing that stinky thing around. You need to give Toby some positive reinforcement quickly so he won't bite you!

And Jess should go with that May God Bless you guys real good in 2011!!

Junk Diva said...

Toads! again!

Bag Blog said...

Diva, yep - leaping everywhere!

Buck, insensitive - ya think?

John, Avatar! Tree hugger stuff! How is that for insesitive :) Bless you real good.

Dale, I have several of those dogs without Toby adding to the skunk problem.