Monday, January 31, 2011

MIL Move

We finished moving my MIL this weekend. This included a trip to Lubbock, lots of sorting, packing, a few trips to the Salvation Army, and then some unpacking at the new place. It was a good feeling to get ‘er done, but we still have a horse trailer/moving van full of future garage sale items including some great vintage hats. As for my MIL, she seems very happy in her new nest. She is making new friends and socializing. My mouth fell open when she told us that she was sore from playing chair volleyball, but that she had slept well that night. Keep in mind that it was just three weeks ago that she was in the hospital and could barely get out of bed. It is good to have her close and get to see her more often, although she may be too busy to see us:)

When we left my MIL’s place last night, we ran some errands and then went by to check on my mom. While telling her about the big move and all of the MIL clothes, I had this great idea. "Hey, do you want a mink coat?" Mom was all for it. I had Toby run out to the horse trailer/moving van and bring in the coat. Mom was thrilled. Two moms pleased in one weekend! I think I am going to like having both our moms in the same town.

The weather held up great for us while moving, but the big winter storm is approaching. Although I am tired of winter, we are ready for whatever comes. Maybe I will snuggle back down in the covers this morning and snooze a bit more.


Dale said...

You're a great daughter and DIL! Glad you made things happen before the big winter storm hits!

Buck said...

Good news, indeed. Except for the weather bits. I am SO dreading that.

Maybe I will snuggle back down in the covers this morning and snooze a bit more.

Heh. I do that EVERY morning! ;-)

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like the settling in was good. That is so nice when moms are happy. I guess you already have the cold. It was 83 here today and is supposed to be 32 tomorrow with tomorrow night in the teens. Yikes, I will have to get out the NM clothing! :)

Jo Castillo said...

My word verification was "etcio". Is that etcetera in Spanish? Ha.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, The cold is here. I may need to head south soon.

Jo Castillo said...

Lou, it is cold here, too. 28 at the moment. Not usual for us!