Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Off to Art Today

Jes is off on another one of her great adventures, so I 'm left home alone this morning. I was all ready to have extra coffee in the pot this morning, but I guess Toby had the same thought and took an extra cup with him to work. That's okay; I've got lots to do this morning. I'm hoping to paint with the Ladies today and get some other art work done - like switching out paintings at the new art center, dropping off some matted pieces at Bo's office, taking art supplies to the art center for my class that starts next week, etc. That is right, I will be teaching at the art center again. This time it is not a specific class, like portraits, but my class will be called "Painting with Lou" and people can just come and get instruction or paint with me. It will be like my usual Thursday class that I have had for years here at the house, but instead, we will be at the art center and it will be open to the public. Yikes!

Yesterday I had my younger class of girls here to paint. They are doing very well, but most still have not "caught on." They keep me hopping around the table helping them. I don't mind. I see them growing - I really do - some slower than others. What is really cool is when you see the light bulb come on - when you see students "get it." It all comes together for them. They start doing more on their own - choosing the right colors and the right brushes and doing things that work. And they feel the difference too. Confidence. I like that.


Buck said...

What is really cool is when you see the light bulb come on...

It most definitely IS cool, and it's the best part of mentoring our young'uns. I haven't had a whole lot of opportunity to teach the younger generation, but I've had a lil bit. So I know the feelin'.

Good on ya!

Jo Castillo said...

Lou, good for you! It feels so good to teach. You learn, too. Hope the class at the center goes well.