Monday, February 21, 2011

Bits and Pieces of the Weekend

Weather-wise, it was a beautiful weekend. Saturday we worked on the house and put up sheetrock to get ready for the heater/AC. Sometimes sheetrock work can be a mess, but the good part is that you can see progress. When you are finished for the day, you can look at your work and think, "Wow! Walls!" Soon we will rough in the plumbing. Plumbing is like electrical work – not my favorite. I just stand around like a bump waiting on Toby to tell me what to do or what to hand him. I like carpenter work better – I know what to do, and I can do it.

The mailbox is still up. I still think it very odd that someone attacked it like they did. There are mailboxes up and down our country roads that set out on the road. None of them have ever been beaten off their post as ours was, although they are set up perfectly for a drive-by. Our mailbox sets up in the driveway next to the cattleguard – the same place that the smaller, cheaper mailbox set for years without ever being attacked. Not only was ours bashed, but also someone had to get out of their car and rip the box off the wooden pole. Why now? Why not the smaller one that has been out there for yers? Was it the newer, bigger mailbox? When we got this new, big mailbox, we teased Toby that you could tell a real man by the size of his mailbox. Maybe someone was jealous.

Jesse competed in her first triathlon – of sorts. This was an indoor event. She swam 300 meters in an indoor swimming pool, biked eight miles on spin-bikes in the gym, and ran three miles around the indoor track. She won her age category. She was the only woman in her age category. But hey, that is okay. She competed and completed the event. I’m very proud of her. She said that she could barely walk when she finished the triathlon and took ten minutes to walk down the stairs from the upper level running track. At the awards ceremony, she crawled up to the podium to get her medal. Today, she is doing better. Ice, ibuprophen, and rest work wonders.

Tomorrow I will be headed to the Dallas area for a memorial service for my friend who died last week.

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Buck said...

Good on Jesse! I hurt from just reading that...