Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Birthday Girl

My brothers and sister and mom have a thang we do ON our birthdays. We call each other. We are not good about getting presents or sending cards, but we do pick up the phone and call - if we remember. The first one to make the birthday call is the winner. It does not count to call the day before. If you call the day after, you will be ridiculed. It has to be ON the birthday. Once, my big brother went out dancing on March 8 and called me just after midnight (on March 9). He of course was the winner, and I was pretty ticked at him. Today, my little brother called first (about 6:30 AM). He is the winner. We talked for awhile, which is always nice. It is a good birthday present. My older and wiser brother sent an email at about 5:30. I'm glad he did not call at that time.

Here is a picture of my my birthay - hmm, I think I was turning 30. That is Kathy H, Me, Janetta, and Kathy N. Weren't we beautiful! We skied Taos all day and had lunch and ruled the mountain. And yes, whoever took that photo, took it at a really odd angle. Either that or we had had too much wine.


Deb said...

May I be the first of your blog-buddies to wish you a happy birthday. So what did I win? :)

Bag Blog said...

Deb, you are the winner!

Andy said...

No fair! I have company from out of town, and couldn't beat Deb to the punch.

Once again...and I say once again, because I ALREADY wished you happy birthday, but I know it doesn't count, because it was yesterday, and that sucks.

Have a good one, Lou!

Nancigail said...

I hope your birthday is filled with blessings near and far! What a beautiful picture of four fabulous women! I'm jealous just imagining what a great time you all must have had! Take Care Birthday Girl! & Thanks for posting the memory photo!

Buck said...

...and ruled the mountain.

It's GOOD to be the queen!


I don't get up early enough to be first at anything except my coffee pot. And that's only because it's mine.

Dale said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!! Hey you need to give Craig a break, it's the thought that counts even if it was 12:01 a.m. As I was reading your blog I thought, "I need to call Lou at 11:59 tonight so I can be the last one to wish her happy birthday!" then I realized that would mean me having to stay up past 9, sorry girl not gonna happen! Hope you have a great day!!

Bag Blog said...

Andy, Now you are sounding like my brothers. Thanks for the birthday wishes - both of them.

Nancigail, it WAS a fun day. I have some other pictures of that day, but I will have to hunt to find them. Good memories!

Buck, I like being the Queen now and then. I know you don't wake up early, but you could win by staying up late or is it early?

Dale, THAT will be the day when I give Craig a break. I am the little sister, ya know, and I'm suppose to razz him when I can. I hear you on the staying up past 9.

Jo Castillo said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Guess I have just not been on my toes. Sounds(in the next post) like you had a grand time except for the baby. Thinking of you and wishing you the very best. Many hugs. (David's birthday was the 8th, my Mom the 7th.)