Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The B is the Place to B

Jesse invited company over for supper last night. The funny part was that she invited friends of mine. I guess that means that I have some great friends, or maybe age is a state of mind. Anyway, the Junk Diva and her daughter came over. Lindz’ mom came too, but Lindz could not make it.
While the ladies and I fixed supper (drank a glass of wine and chatted) Jesse and the Diva’s daughter played in the mud. The Diva and I watched them for a little while. The teacher in me could not help but teach. It was probably good for me to go to the house and leave the girls to their doin's. So we left the younger ladies in the barn. You can see the dogs, the kayaks, the catamaran, and lots of other junk in the barn. I thought that barn was huge when we built it, but it gets smaller every day. The little Corgi is not our dog. He belongs to the neighbor, but he loves to escape his yard and come play at my house.

The Diva's Daughter posted the following on her FB: Gonna learn how to throw pots today, then eat some Seabass and stake and try some different wines and beers!!! YAY!!

I guess the Lazy B is the cool place to be.


Dale said...

Yep your house is just like your mom's house used to be...everybody is welcome!! Just remember your manners and play nice!!

Bag Blog said...

Dale, If you did not play nice, my mama would spank us and all the neighborhood kids - with a fly swatter - and she did.

Dale said...

Yep and she knew how to spank soft enough to not really hurt all that much but hard enough to get our attention. The scary part was if dad got wind of it!

Buck said...

Hey! Where did my comment go? I said something to the effect of "Yup!" yesterday and I KNOW I hit publish. I'm beginning to think Google hates me.

Bag Blog said...

Sure, Buck.