Monday, March 14, 2011

Kickin' Birthday

I had more birthday celebrating this past weekend. Don’t you love it when your birthday lasts all week? Thursday afternoon, Jesse and I headed over to WF to meet up with my sister and spent the night with Mom. My sister-in-law joined us for a fun meal at Chilis where we had margaritas and lots of laughter. Later, my sister and I stayed up late and caught up on each other’s lives.

Friday was not quite so fun. I had several errands to run in WF. Time management was a problem. I kicked Jesse out to pick up Toby’s mom’s car and drive it home while I stayed around to get my doin’s done. If anyone would like to buy a Buick La Crosse (2006 with 47K miles) let me know. We need to sell the MIL's car since she no longer drives. Loose ends.

Friday evening after he got off work, Toby and I drove to the Dallas area to spend the night and kick around the big city on Saturday. This was more of my birthday celebration. The drive from our house to Muenster, TX was beautiful. The drive from Denton to Plano was bumper to bumper crazy people. Who would have thought that at 7 PM traffic going into Dallas would be so busy? Our hotel was near Central Market in Plano, which was chosen on purpose. Part of my birthday wish was to show Toby this amazing grocery store and do some shopping someplace besides Wal-Mart and Market Street. Once we checked in, we went to dinner and then to the Market. We bought some wine, cheese, and bread and settled in to watch a movie. Saturday we did lots of shopping at stores that OK does not have. We went to a huge bicycle store called Bike Mart (not everything was about me). We also went to REI. Since Jesse had given me a gift certificate to Coldwater Creek, we did some shopping there. We stopped in at the Artist Showplace, which is where I had been to a workshop about a year ago. We went back to Central Market for lunch and more shopping. On our way home we stopped in Muenster at Fischer’s to pick up some of the best German sausage around these parts. It probably sounds crazy that we spent so much time in grocery stores, but we did other shopping too. Really! It was just fun to get away and do something different. The only down part was big city traffic. That is anxiety I can live without.

Sunday was back to the usual. The day was calm and warm for March. We worked on the house doing some framing and sheetrock. We had all the windows open and were still sweating. About 6 PM, the wind kicked up from the north, and things turned cold. The fruit trees and redbuds are blooming, but it is still winter.

Although I had my camera with me this weekend, I only took one picture. And I took this picture with Buck in mind. While at Central Market, the variety of beers was amazing. I would have taken a picture of the whole wall of beer, but the clerk might have mistaken me for a corporate thief (really). But the clerk did allow me to take this photo of Rasputin Beer with the "Never say die" logo. I just thought it was funny.


Amanda said...

What fun! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Isn't Central Market wonderful?! I don't get to shop there much, but I just love it when I do.

Bag Blog said...

This country girl is just awed by Central Market!

Buck said...

What a GREAT weekend! I'm thinkin' beer might be the ONLY reason I'd consider movin' back to something that resembles civilization and you've reinforced that feelin', Lou. Thanks for the pic!

The there's this: Don’t you love it when your birthday lasts all week?

Ummm, no. Not at my age I don't. I'm seriously considerin' ignoring my birthday altogether this year, in the hopes that mebbe it'll go away. OTOH, birthdays beat NO birthdays.

Anonymous said...

THere is also a Central Market in FW. You need to come and visit!


John said...

Just missed you by a couple of days. We went to Central Market the Saturday prior to you guys. Love that store!!!

Bag Blog said...

Joy, so good to hear from you, and yes, I could do FTW.

John, this trip was kind of a trial run, but next time we will get together with you and Susie.

Buck, I like living close enough to "civilization" to go to the grocery store, but far enough away to avoid traffic and people.

Christina LMT said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

You were in my neck of the woods, m'dear...traffic and all! I'm glad you had such a fabulous weekend. You work hard, you more than deserve it! :)

Bag Blog said...

Christina, I thought of you as we drove through that part of the country, but I could not remember where exactly you lived.

ORPO1 said...

Made Buck's Day. And I agree, a birthday beats no birthday.