Monday, March 21, 2011


Once again I'm behind on my blogging. It's not that I don't drop by your blogs, I just don't always have the right mind to make a comment. And yes, I do have to be in my right mind. My excuse this weekend is actually pretty good. We did work on the house doing some electrical work and some mudding - tape and bedding. Toby did the electrical while I did the muddin' stuff. Mud is right up my alley. I can do this sort of work without any help - meaning I can mud while Toby is not here. We don't have all the sheetrock up yet, because we have to get the plumbing and AC/heater in first. But we had to finish the AC/heater closet before we could set the AC/heater in. We also need to tear out the old kitchen wall in order to get all the electrical stuff done, but that means tearing up my kitchen. It's all a vicious cycle.

Another excuse for not blogging is I have a new laptop. We have been getting to know each other. So far, so good, except for the left shift key does not always work. My computer doctor says he can fix that easily enough. I started to post pictures, but I need to put my camera software on the new puter and the "add image" thang on blogger is not coming up either. I got my mouse working this morning. Since I am not a good speller, I use Word to write some of my comments and posts. The Word I use does not seem to be on this puter. Jesse says we can put it on here - someday. The spell check on my blogger is not working either. What's up with that? If I make lots of spelling mistakes or capitalization, please ignore and forgive. It is all just stuff that takes time, and time is the problema. That and I'm no techie. I have been trying to do this without pestering Toby for help. Jesse is off on an adventure or I might pester her.

So what has been keeping me so busy? After all the doctor appointments last week, Friday was a catch up day - Walmart and errands. Jesse left for her ski adventure. Friday night we went to Lawton with about 30 other people for a birthday dinner. It was great fun except for riding on a bus over to Lawton. I just don't do well on buses. We did not get home until after midnight. For this farm girl, that is late. Saturday we slept in. Since we are empty nesters this week, sleeping in was fun. Then we went to work on the house. Of course we had to have a big dog nap since we stayed up late.

Sunday was the usual. The GGs came over to see the chicks, which have been put in an outside pen. We did more work on the house. Took another nap. Bought a vacuum cleaner. It is amazing how time flys when you are having fun.

Anyhoo, I still need to get some things loaded on this computer in order to be up to snuff and figure out why blogger is being weird. In the meantime, I will just have to make do.

Now I'm off to the vet to take the cat - to be fixed ;)


joyce said...

I can totally relate in the getting used to a new computer part. Yikes. And I am suspicious that this favorites bar is dropping some. I just know I saved some that I have had to save again. what is up with that?

And rebuilding an album of pictures. sometimes the pictures are rotated upside down or sideways. correcting them in the original file seems to be the only way to save the changes.

Amber decided to drive our direction with friends so we have her doggie for a few weeks... and we got to hold Baby James for an hour on Friday night. She might come stay with us for a few nights before or after her trip to Missouri.

Bag Blog said...

Joyce, Sometimes I need to just sit and work on the computer without any interruptions, but I'd rather play than work. I saw that you got some Baby James time. Now that is what I like.

Buck said...

Yet another full weekend. Excuses? You doan need no steenken EXCUSES! (I saw that in a movie)

Grats on the new 'puter. Birthday present?

Bag Blog said...

Why yes, the puter was a present.

You watchin' movies is kind of freakin' me out.

Dale said...

I can't throw rocks in a glass house! Congrats on the new computer!

joyce said...

yes! Baby James time is the best. She got him weighed getting the acid reflux thing checked out. and he is over 12 pounds...doubling his birth weight and 2 months old today. so strong. I bought some formula to keep on hand---just in case we get to babysit again. the fifteen minutes of smiling was worth the 45 minutes of hollering, though. we even think his crying is cute.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, you should have got an iPad...... Not as interesting to not have to install anything I guess. Ha.