Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in a Name

Jesse is at it again. On her blog she has listed some possible names for her pottery business. She is having trouble deciding what to call her Etsy account. She texted me some possibilities the other day, and we got pretty silly. She posted: Pinto Pottery, Pioneer Pottery, Territory... I texted back Peon Pottery. She posted PissPoor Pottery. We deteriorated after that. We kind of like Wild Grass Pottery, which sounds a lot like Wild Ass Pottery. Mud Pies was taken already as was Mud Creek, which is the name of the creek near us. Toby said that Mud Turtles was out of the question. She signs her name with a leaf design, so she would like some name to go along with her design. Staci suggested FeatherGrass, which is a favorite. I like LoveGrass, which is an actually grass around here. TickleGrass was taken - can you believe that? So head over to Jes' and make some suggestions. All would be appreciated.


Buck said...

She posted PissPoor Pottery.

I kinda like that... but I'm not sure that name would be a wise marketing move.

Staci said...

Love Grass is perfect!

Towanda said...

My favorite is PissPoor Pottery....but I think she should go with LoveGrass or Wild Grass.

Bag Blog said...

Buck and Sharon,
I thought PissPoor Pottery was funny, but not everyone has a sense of humor.

Staci, I liked Love Grass, but it is not one of Jesse's favorites. She is off on a ski trip. We will all have to wait to see what she chooses.