Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Great Adventures

Let's try some things. How about loading some photos on the new computer - yeha! I still need to learn to make the pics smaller - they took way too long to load. I probably should have tweaked the color a bit, too, but I got in a hurry. The weatherman said the day would be warm and sunny, but it was a bit windy, chilly, and overcast. Yesterday was better - but the wind was still howling. This is Crewcraw and the GGs on Monday afternoon with Jack the Red Heeler following. I had to include this picture - if you look closely, you will notice that GBN1 is missing her two front teeth. She is quite proud of her missing teeth. Here they are opening the gate to go across the pond. You get to see both dogs. You might also notice that things are not green yet, but there is a touch of purple - redbud trees.
The GGs spent Monday night with us. We played hard - walked down to the mailbox, petted the horses, and threw sticks in the pond. The dogs got in the stinking, black mud of the pond, so we had to bathe the Rat Terrier - twice. GBN2 "helped" Crewcraw put his new bicycle together, while GBN1 helped me fix supper. We had tortellini with cream sauce. Normally, I cook red sauce and veggies, but the GGs were insistent that cream sauce was better. Later we watched Pooh's Great Adventure, took showers, and hit the sack. Before turning out the lights, I gave the GGs strict instructions not to get up before Crewcraw (5:30AM). Both girls were out like the lights. And yes, they were up with Crewcraw at the crack of dawn. After taking them to McDonalds for breakfast, I returned them to their mother. Later in the day, she called to ask if they had slept at all, because they were falling asleep before noon. I was too.


Jo Castillo said...

You are a wonderful granny!

Jo Castillo said...

You are a wonderful granny!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Jo. So far, I like my laptop. An ipad would have been interesting. A Kindle would be nice too. In fact, I want it all!

Andy said...

Lou, I do not have grandchildren, even though I am definitely old enough to. But, it's probably a good thing because I often think that my children should not reproduce.

But, my siblings do, and we kinda throw in to mess around with them. I think The Mrs. would be a fabulous Grandma...kinda like you.

We shall c.

Oh yeah, I'm a fan of cream sauce/alfredo/whatever on tortellini. Love marinara, but tortellini needs white, IMHO.

Buck said...

- redbud trees.

I have a lot of good memories about OK... but I think my favorite is all the redbuds in the Spring, and there are a LOT of 'em.

re: your day. I'd have been out like a light, too. And napping the following day. Nice pics!

Bag Blog said...

Andy, try 'em; you'll like 'em - grandkids that is.

Buck, I love the redbuds, too. With the fruit trees blossoming and the redbuds blooming, things are looking right nice.

Although I spelled it right the first time, why doesn't "blossoming" have two m's?

Anonymous said...

..... you are doing a GREAT job of being Grandma, am'am....... keep up the wonderful work!.....