Monday, April 18, 2011

Hot Windy Weekend

Saturday was a beautiful day. Toby and I spent the day working on the house. We got the flooring and trim down in the hot water closet and in the AC closet. Those two closets are finished and ready for appliances to be installed. We then worked on putting up sheetrock along the kitchen wall to get ready for the insulation man to come and put up insulation. Sheetrock is not a difficult job, but it is hard work - especially when using 12 foot sheetrock sheets. Them boogers are heavy! We also worked on putting up some nailers for future sheetrock. We also moved things away from the outside wall and did some cleaning. It is amazing how much junk we have collected in the new house. Mostly it is tools, wiring, heater stuff, etc, but we also use the naked walls as shelves for little things like hammers, drill bits, screws and nails. All had to be moved out of the wall. Once again this needed to be done before the insulation guy gets here.

Using the naked wall for shelves reminded me of when my dad built a cabin up Bitter Creek Canyon in RR. I have mentioned this cabin before, and that Dad never finished it while we owned the cabin. We more or less camped out in the cabin during the summers while Dad worked on the cabin. We used outside potties (outhouses) and hauled water from town. Dad had a double galvanized tub to bathe in. He would set it near the potbelly stove. Mom would heat up water on the stove for baths. Then they would bathe two of us kids at a time in the tub. That was some nasty dirty water by the time we all were bathed. When I was a teen-ager, I did a pen and ink drawing of the naked wall (no sheetrock) with soap and shampoo items setting on the fireblock (shelf) and the galvanized tub ready for us kids. I may still have that drawing somewhere.

If you remember from my last post, Jesse went to the river with her friends and motorcycle while Toby and I worked on the house. I really wanted her to go and have fun - someone should have fun. But her day did not turn out all that well. Although her motorcycle is a dirt bike, it did not do well in the soft sand. She had a pretty good crash while riding in the harder sand near the river when it gave way to soft sand. Although she was fine, her bike broke down way out in the boonies. She and Lindz had to wait on someone to come get them out. She posted a pic on her blog. Before it was all said and done, the bike was covered in mud - that is how it came home - dead and muddy. The girls and Shay were worn out and sun burnt. Does that sound like fun?

Sunday we were planning on working hard again, but the wind was howling. I think it was the worst day for wind and heat so far this spring, and we have had some bad days. Fires broke out in our area. Several of our friends had to fight fires and keep their homes safe. The fires were about 10 miles from us, but our house was never threatened. No one lost their homes as far as I know. Not only was the wind blowing dust, it was hazy with smoke. We did get some work done on the house, but not much.

The GGs came over for lunch after church. While we were showing Bo our progress on the house, GBN2 went running across the room, which was fairly clear of all tools and stuff except for the extension cord. GBN2 tripped and fell rolling across the floor. She came up mad. With her little hands on her hips she said, "You people need to put that somewhere else!" Do you think she has heard that before? It was hard to keep from laughing. Those big baby blue eyes can look pretty mean from time to time. By the end of the day Sunday, we were hot and tired. There was no water - I guess something to do with the wild fires. We did spit baths and went to bed - much like my days as a kid in RR.


Buck said...

The girls and Shay were worn out and sun burnt. Does that sound like fun?

Well, yeah. Great war stories are made out o' stuff like that... and I have a few of those.

We had a hella fire here yesterday; it burned 17,000 acres. I don't think anyone lost their home but an evacuation was ordered near the fire as a precaution.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, you are right about the great "war stories." Toby and I have a few. Actually, Toby has some with Jesse kayaking down the same river. I think I even posted about it back when.

Jo Castillo said...

Can't believe all the hard work. It is coming along well it seems. You should put your stuff away, GBN2 is soooo right. Ha.

Fires are awful all over the SW and in Kentucky they are rained out. Why can't we share!