Saturday, April 16, 2011

The List

Toby and I are up early to drink our coffee and plan our day. We will need to make a quick trip to town for building supplies and maybe a sausage-egg-biscuit. Then it's back to the farm to work, work, work. The wind is not suppose to be quite so bad today - so we will need to get it while the gettin' is good. We plan on doing some floor work and trim work in the closets so that we can hook up the hot-water tank, etc. Then we will do some sheetrock - 12 footers in the kitchen. Then it is under the house for us to lay out the heater/air conditioner ducts. I plan on buying some new knee pads while in town this morning. It's on the list. We also have some plants to put out, but that is not a priority. The house is.

Jes is headed to the river with her motorcycle and friends. She is torn - wanting to be here to work and there to play. We don't mind her playing today. There will be other days when we work her skinny butt off. She is a good worker and deserves some play time. Me, I'm saving up my play time for the big time.
Here are some GG pics. I kept the girls yesterday while there mom went shopping. We painted bird houses - of course! Please excuse the blur - I was not wearing my glasses.

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Buck said...

I hope you have the same sorta afternoon we had yesterday. Our day began badly but turned out VERY well! We're somewhere in between today... not calm, but not TOO windy.

Nice pics! GBN2 is such a CUTIE! (Well, they both are, but that first pic is just too cool.)