Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Old Dog/New Computer

You know what they say about old dogs and new tricks, and I am an old dog. This new laptop and I are still in the “getting to know each other” stage. It is amazing how we fall into a routine and how much we dislike getting out of it. I am very used to my old computer and all its oddities. My new laptop does have some issues that need fixin - like the left shift key doesn't always work. My computer doctor says he will fix that soon. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to figure things out - like email. With a little help from Toby, I thought I had it all worked out, but now my email will not send. A bit irritating. It is bad enough that it is not the same old Outlook Express that I have used for years, but now it is, well, different. Then there is the Word issue. I thought computers came with some sort of program to write documents. Apparently I was wrong. I could just write my blogs in Blogger, but for some reason the spell checker does not always work - is it my new laptop or Blogger? A bit frustrating. Buck will tell you that spelling is not my strong point, and I need something to check me. Of course, he would tell me to go with Firefox as my browser and that would solve all my spelling problems. But that would mean something else new. It would also mean downloading something on my new computer, which scares me. You see, my old computer had some odd problemas - some of which I think were caused by me and my downloading, or was it uploading? I just hate to junk up my new laptop - kind of like getting a new car and not wanting to drink a coke in it. Eventually, you just have to live your life and use your stuff. You have to take the plastic off and sit on your new couch. But a computer is different. I get myself into some fixes, and no one wants to help me get out. Yesterday, Jes and I were glazing some pottery at the kitchen table. Toby wanted to use my camera to take a photo of his mom’s car (which we are selling - a long story) and put it on the online ad. First of all, he has not ever used my camera and needed help with that. Then he had to have me show him how to put it on the computer. He’s a smart boy and did well, but after showing him the how-to’s, I sat back down at the kitchen table,went back to glazing, and hollered, “If you need any help, just holler.” Jesse piped in, “I think he is smart enough to figure it out on his own.” Me, “I was just being helpful - thoughtful.” Jes, “He is smart and can figure it out without our help. It is good for a person to figure things on their own.” Me, “Does that mean you think I am smart, and that is the reason you won’t help me with my new computer.” Jes, “Yep.” She is pretty tricky wouldn’t you say? I mean she flatters me by saying I’m smart, but it also means that if I ask for help I would be admitting I’m not so smart. Darn. Just so you know, I have written this post in some sort of Google Doc freebee program. It checked my spelling, and I didn’t have to download a thang. The good news is that the Google Doc worked great to check my spelling. The bad news is that it would not in any way move to my post. I spent a great deal of time working on this - since I wanted to prove to Jesse how smart I was. Eventually I admitted defeat and showed her what was happening with the Google Doc. She didn't help much, but was sympathetic, which counts for something. Actually she was busy with her own blogger stuff and you should go by and see her old blog to find her new blog. In the meantime, I turned on the old computer to see if it Google Doc would work on it. I did have a bit more luck with it, but Google Doc was in a different language and I could not get it to the Anglais. Still I muddled through and was able to save my writing to my thumb drive and then move it to my post. Yes! I did it! And it only took me all morning and a few cuss words. To top it all off, when I went to publish this, I could not divide it into paragraphs, and I tired over and over - Ugh!


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Funny, i was gonna comment on the nonparagraphicalness (spell check THAT Firefox!) but you beat me to it.

Buck said...

I'll just say this: computers are WAY harder than they need to be. If cars were as hard as computers are there'd be teeth, blood, and hair all OVER the highway... every day.

Firefox is really good, though... just sayin'. Did you cut'n'paste out of Google Docs? I used to use that app for a while but I've been composing directly in the Blogger "compose" window for over a year now... mostly coz it's just easier.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Google would not cut'n'paste - it wouldn't let me, but it would let me move it to my thumb drive and then cut'n'paste.

Andy said...

Lou, this is REALLY way weird.

Why don't you just compose your posts in Blogger compose? Jeepers, it saves your work automatically about every four seconds. It allows you to actually establish paragraphs, do font sizes, and bold/italics/strike-through, etc.

I mean, what's the reluctance to just go the easiest route? It's EASY. Trust me...EEEEEEEE ZZZZZZZ! I have NEVER composed a post in a wp format and tried to move it over.

Are you using the new post editor, or still the old editor?

Dump IE. Firefox is light years ahead (well...light days anyway). JUMP! DO IT!!!!

I will admit that I myself was reluctant to upgrade my Firefox browser to the new 4.0. I share your "the devil I know is better than the devil I don't" thinking.

But, Buck convinced me, and I did. And, about half a day into the adventure I was glad I did.

C'mon! Time is marching on, and you DO NOT want it to leave you stuck back in 2010.

Bag Blog said...

Andy, up in my first paragraph of which there is not, I mentioned that blogger's spell check is iffy these days - sometimes the spell check works and sometimes not. It also did not recognize my paragraphs the other day. Last night I downloaded an old Windows with Word on it to my laptop. We will see...

Andy said...

Hmmm...I missed that, Lou. I guess I was reading too fast. It is difficult for me to catch details without paragraphs.

I don't know what's up with your Blogger dealie, though. I haven't had one problem separating text.


Oh yeah...switch to Firefox. Nyuk!

Jo Castillo said...

Sigh.... You know my solution. iPad or macBook. :)