Monday, April 04, 2011

Black and Whites

The wind has been howling. I'm glad our land is covered in grass or this could be a serious dust bowl. Although I normally cuss the red clay, right now I am glad we don't have the red sand that West Texas has. We do have some blowing particles, but our sky is not red dirt. Yesterday the temps were in the mid 90's. The south wind was no help. Last night the wind shifted, and now it is howling from the north. At least it is cooler today, but I am tired of the wind noise .

This morning Zoe wanted in. I guess she is tired of the wind too. She seems to be happy now.

Frank the cat is also happy to be in.

Ranger (prince of hounds) would rather not share his indoor status with the big dog, but is glad the Jack the red heeler is still outside. Jack is a bit hyper and hairy for the house. Truely we are not biased toward red dogs, but it would seem so with all the black and whites in the house. The other day GBN2 said she could tell I was a farmer, because I had lots of animals.


Buck said...

We do have some blowing particles...

You're welcome. We here on THPoNM love to share the wealth. ;-)

wv: gratuaro. "Ees noss-eeng, SeƱora, you may share awr dust gratuaro."

Bag Blog said...

Aiee, Buck, you just spread butter all over me.