Friday, April 29, 2011

Ya Know Crack and Blow

I was planning on having a "Yay me - I don't have to be anywhere that I don't want to be" day, but the wind is howling. It has not been much fun after all. Jesse, Lindz and another friend went to The City to an outdoor arts festival. Jes and Lindz wore dresses - good luck with that. I did warn them. I am a mother, ya know. When they both turned out in dresses, I said, "You know that the wind is gonna blow today!" They said they knew (I shrug my shoulders).

Speaking of whirlwinds, Toby and I made a whirlwind trip across Texas. On Tuesday night he said,"Ya know I have a meeting in Houston on Thursday." No, I didn't know. Wed morning he asked me if I were going. Sure, why not? We left on Wed afternoon, he had his meeting from 9-12 on Thursday, and we blew home Thursday afternoon. We didn't do much lallygagging or take any side trips. We did stop in Dallas at the Trinity ceramic shop to buy some supplies for Jesse (and me, if I ever get going again). We did have fun visiting all the way down there and back. We discussed important topics like what we thought happened after death and how maybe General Robert E. Lee really didn't want to win the war and why did Stephen F. Austin and his group moved to Mexico rather than somewhere in the USA. Let me know if you want me to expound upon any of those topics or would like to throw in your 2 cents.

Toby and I did do a little exploring around Muenster, TX. We usually take the back roads out of OK and into TX. We cross the Red River on a bridge out in the middle of nowhere that starts south of Ringling, OK and comes out between St. Jo and Muenster. It is a beautiful drive with winding roads going up and down the river valley - rarely ever any other cars. It would be great on a motorcycle. We like to stop in Muenster for some good ol' German sausage at Fischer's. This time we stopped at Deiter Brother's restaurant in Lindsay for some great barbecue. I took some photos as we headed out of Muenster. Toby had me take this one because it shows Wind, Oil and Cattle - such is the power in Texas.

I had Toby stop so that I could take this picture, because I thought it was very paintable. The sun may have been a little low for great shadows, but still very nice. Toby had me take this photo in downtown Ringling, OK. What do you think they sell here - pecans or drugs?

I wonder how many crazy hits I will get on my sitemeter with this title? Ya know!


AirmanMom said...

fun photos...not sos sure what is sold in that shop :)
...but I am hungry for pecans now!
Happy weekend!

joyce said...

you made me laugh out loud when I read about all the cool subjects you and your husband discussed on your road trip. I love riding in the car with Bob because he is then trapped and has to visit. ha

Go ahead---whatall did you decide happens when we die??

Buck said...

...why did Stephen F. Austin and his group moved to Mexico rather than somewhere in the USA.

Dunno why he did (free land?) but I'm glad he did! Apropos o' that... I watched the movie version of James A. Michener's "Texas" a week or so ago. I kept wanting to call the Austin character (played by Patrick Duffy) "Bobby."

Speakin' o' TX... It looks pretty green over your way for as dry as it's been.

Bag Blog said...

Airman Mom, I love pecans, but I'd rather buy them already cracked and blown and shelled too.

Joyce, That subject may take a while. Want to ride to Houston with me?

Buck, With all the land that could be had in the US, why Mexico? Was he irritated with something that was going on in the government? Was it religious? Or was it a conspiracy to take over and start a new country of their own?

It is green in those pics, but that is across the river on the TX side. We have gotten a bit of rain lately and things are greener, but still very dry.

joyce said...

Sure ! But, with our youngest son home from college this week, and the firstborn bringing us their dog and cat the week after that, and the first and second son literally coming in and out of Afghanistan the same is starting to get very interesting around here. And I think Amber takes her mom back to the airport here the weekend we get the dog and cat. I am glad our daughter-in-law in Alaska is going to spend some time with us while our son, Andy is deployed. Can't wait to see Abby and baby David. we got to skype with them tonight.

Buck said...

With all the land that could be had in the US, why Mexico?

Terms, mebbe? As I said before, I really have no ideer. But I don't think Austin went in with a conspiracy to create a new nation. That's not the way I read the history, anyhoo.

Jo Castillo said...

Love the pecan sign! Nice photos and good discussions. We end up listening to books most of the way. Every once in a while I shut off the book, radio, iPod, etc. Just quiet talk. Irritates Gene, I think. Ha. He knows everything I have to say already. We have known each other for about 66 years. Whew!