Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painted Nails

I kept GBN2 yesterday while her big sister went and had her nails done at the beauty shop. At the appointed time I took GBN2 to the beauty shop to join her sister and have her nails done too. Both girls chose "spokling" (sparkling) nail polish. Before the nails were done, I left to have lunch with Toby. The GGs promised to come by and show us the finished product. So while were were eating at a downtown cafe, the GGs showed up like little whirlwinds. They held their fingers out like all women are taught to do when their nails are wet. Everyone in the cafe knew that the girls had just had their nails done by the outspread fingers - not to mention the GGs showing off their nails. GBN2 declared, "I'm not gonna touch anything!" Her dad looked at me and said, "We are going to paint her nails more often."


Jo Castillo said...

Too cute!

Buck said...

Heh. It's too bad ya can't paint lil boys' nails. Well, I suppose ya COULD, but let's not go there. ;-)

Amanda said...

Ha! I'm going to have to remember that little trick.