Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stolen Hawaii Pics

Besides being a FB stalker, I'm also a thief. I stole these photos off of Jesse's FB page. Since most of my readers are not friends with Jes on FB, what else was I to do. She is way slow at sharing her photos.

. The girls went a few hikes while in Hawaii, besides all the surfing and playing on the beach.

They drank some fruity drinks.

. It looks like they drank water too. That is my cousin in the middle - pretty darn cute isn't she!

They posed with some beautiful scenery.

Being the photographer that Jesse is, she took some beautiful shots of the beaches and scenery in Hawaii. I can't believe the water is so blue! If this shot doesn't make me wish I had gone, I don't know what would. All the girls seem to have had a wonderful time.

It sure is good to have Jesse home. She helped me put up sheetrock Saturday while Toby worked on the AC/heating unit. It turned out to be long day of work. At the end of the day, we had tickets to eat at the OK Republican GOP fish fry (such an Okie thang). We went because Senator Tom Coburn was the guest speaker. We arrived late and only caught the last ten minutes of the Senator's speech. The part we heard was interesting. He took a few questions from the crowd and then moved on to some other event - leaving us to eat catfish. The catfish wasn't bad, but we did not stay for the drawing. We were worn out from the hard day's work.

Kind of a funny story: Jesse looked like a million bucks when we went to the fish fry - she was by far the prettiest woman in the room. While standing in line to get our catfish, which was being served by OK State representatives and staff, some slick politician sort chose to come up between Jesse and I and put his hand on Jesse's shoulder to point out who our server was - saying, "Isn't it something to be served by Representative Whoever!" There were lots of old, fat Republicans he could have spoken too, but he chose Jes and me - odd and kind of slimey.


Fire Fox said...

Don't get me started on odd and slimey politicians.... Jesse could be a model - she's so cute! I've been watching the Hawaii pics on FB and on her site... she really has a talent for taking great pics!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jesse and her photos are fun, too. The modeling photos she took recently for her Etsy account are very nice, but the ones she did not post are really funny. She took some with our Great Dane - I will try to get her to post them sometime.

John said...

Jesse's photos are making me long to go back to Hawaii...and yea Lou...the water is that blue!!!

We will be in RR from July 12th - 16th. When are you guys going up there this summer? Would love to see you if you're in town when we're there.

Oh...forgot. Gene A. fell and broke his leg and busted up his head a while back. Was in ICU for a few days but is now back in the retirement home...per Sue.

Bag Blog said...

Wow, what was Uncle Gene doing to cause all of that? Never mind; I'm not sure I want to know. Craig went by to see him a month or so back. Gene knew him and was tickled to see him.

John said...

Must have caught him on a good day if he remembered Craig. Sue said that some days he knows people and some days he doesn't. Don't know what he was doing when he fell, but they were concerned with his head injury. I believe that is why he was in ICU for a while in case of internal bleeding etc. with his head. Sue is hanging in there...we're going to take her out to dinner soon. She just needs to get out of the house amid everything that's going on.

When are you going to be in RR??

Buck said...

Great pics, as always. Jes has an excellent eye. The clouds on the horizon in that scenic shot made me FEEL the weather... there's just something unique about tropical weather. I don't know if it's the humidity, the heat, the breeze, the smell of the ocean, or some combination thereof. But you can definitely smell it as well as feel it.

re: "Isn't it something to be served by Representative Whoever!" Ya should have told him "Yeah, especially in THIS day and age. Most politicians only serve themselves." I swear I would have. Humbug. And Get OFF my lawn!

Bag Blog said...

That would have been a good come-back. I was just thinking "get your hands off my daughter."

Jo Castillo said...

The photos are great! The work sounds way tooo hard. It will be great when you get all done!!

Politicians are slimy. Apt to make the catfish bitter. :)

Andy said...

Lou, the dude was probably planning to hit on YOU, and Jess just got in the firing line.

Beautiful shots. I turned down twice a chance to go to Hawaii free. Long stories both times...couldn't make the time.

Maybe one of these days. But, it will surely cost a fortune.

Bag Blog said...

Ya know, I was lookin' just pretty hot that evening. Maybe it was me the guy was impressed with...naa.