Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Good Fourth of July

Once the temps reach 100, it is just hot. Downtown Duncan was 111 yesterday. One of my friends on FB posted a picture of her thermometer at 113. Yep, it's hot here in OK. We did get a spit of rain yesterday to cool things off a tad. We were thankful.

We spent a portion of Sunday and Monday getting ready for a little cook-out at the Lazy B. We also did some sheet rock on the house. Sunday evening while were standing outside visiting with my son, who had brought the welder back after working on his fence, the dogs started a big ruckus. We all ran to see what was happening. Seems the dogs had gotten hold of another raccoon down by the pond. The pond is so low that it is full of stinky black mud. The dogs managed to get good and muddy while killing the raccoon. Great. Company coming over tomorrow, and the dogs smell like a sewer! I hosed them down trying to get some of the black mud off, so hopefully they would smell better by the time of our cook-out. I should back up a bit and tell you that this is the second raccoon they have killed in the past few weeks - it is rather an awesome sight to see Zoe shake a coon until it is dead. Earlier this week she gave the kitten a bit of a shaking too - not so awesome. The kitten survived and is doing well after a visit to the veterinarian. Jesse and I recovered from the drama.

Back to the mud dogs part: right as our guest were arriving last night, the dogs got in the black mud pond again. I managed to catch Zoe, the Great Dane and hosed her down again and applied some dog shampoo. But Jack the Red is a slick, sly dog. He slipped his collars and took off. For whatever crazy reason, he made a beeline for the house. So did I. While trying to kick him out, I managed to kick the door with my little toe. Dang! Company was walking up, and I couldn't even give a good cussin'! My little toe is swollen and sore today. I may still cuss.

The cook-out went better after that. I made daiquiris to die for. Toby grilled steaks and veggies. Jesse made fruit cobblers in bowls that she had thrown on the wheel. She also set a flower arrangement on the table with zinnias from her garden and her Liberty cup, which she made and is listed for sale on her Etsy site. The GGs played in the kiddie pool with the dogs (they tried to put the cat in...) Lindz told stories of her and Jesse getting killed playing paintball and had us all laughing hard. Shay found silly songs on his Droid and sang them to us. Adam came and brought the good beer - thankfully. Everyone seemed to have a good 4th of July.
GBN1 with her Crewcraw
GBN2 trying to give me a taste of her nasty sweet snow cone.
How would you like to drink from the cup of Liberty?


Buck said...

How would you like to drink from the cup of Liberty?

I have... long, deep, and often. And I'm SO thankful to have had that opportunity.

Nice pics, nice weekend... except for the muddy dogs and your toe, of course.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Buck. The toe will mend. It was a good weekend.

AirmanMom said...

I must ask...do you feel much difference between 111 and 113 degrees? Here in MD, we have horrible humidity...it reaches a point where miserable is just miserable... no doubt you can relate!

Bag Blog said...

Airman Mom, usually if it is over 100, it is just hot. Over 110 and it WAY hot, although I guess there is not much difference in 111 and 113.

Moogie P said...

What a wonderful 4th!

Except for the muddy dogs and stubbed little toe things.

Love the bowl!