Sunday, July 03, 2011

Thankful on the Fourth

My internet has been down for a few days. Although, even if it had been up and running, I doubt I would have posted. Things are hoppin' and hot here at the Lazy B. The temps have been triple digit every day. We have been helping my son build a privacy fence around his yard in town. He came out to the Lazy B on Friday. While Bo cut metal strap into eight inch pieces, I used the drill press to drill holes in the pieces. I think I might have been a machinist in a past life. Bo then borrowed the welder and took it to his house to weld the pieces on to pipe which he had set around his yard. It was hot dirty work all around. While Bo welded, someone had to stand around with a water hose in case of fire. Of course, someone had to keep the GGs entertained and out of mischief, too.

Yesterday morning, we worked again at Bo's and then drove to Lawton to pick up our new stove and hood. Later in the day, we headed to Loco for the lawn mower races and fireworks. Mom drove over from WF to join us as she has done for the last several years. She likes to visit with the Loco-ites and watch the fireworks. Due to the intense heat (104 at 6:30 PM) we were late getting to Loco, and we missed the big crash at the races, but here is a video. The young man in the red who flipped his lawn mower, is a good friend of ours. He has been helping with our house not to mention being one of my art students. Actually, the other young man was also one of my art students a few years back. Funny how they outgrow art and move on to lawn mowers.

The fireworks were wonderful. Tucker puts on quite a show when not a mild mannered accountant by day. Once the sun went down and things cooled off, it was quite pleasant watching the fireworks show. Nasty sweet snow cones were bought for each GGs - they laughed when I made faces at the taste of the snow cones. The GGs took turns sitting in my lap with their heads laid back on my shoulder to watch the fireworks. They squealed and laughed and clapped their hands. GBN2 said, "Yeah Baby!" over and over. My husband, daughter, mother and son with his family were all there - healthy and whole - laughing and talking with friends. Life just doesn't get much better than that. I am very thankful for this life.


Andy said...

Lawnmower races in Loco.

Lou, life just don't get much better, does it? Seriously, the lives we enjoy would just stun our forefathers...and probably 90% of the current human race.

Liberty! Girl, I sure hope we can maintain it.

Y'all have a good one!

Buck said...

My husband, daughter, mother and son with his family were all there... Life just doesn't get much better than that.

AMEN to that.

Hasn't the WX been outrageous this year? We FINALLY got about an hour's worth of rain last evening... a good, steady, almost-soaking, rain. It's been SO overdue.

Moogie P said...

Sounds idyllic!

Funny how they outgrow art and move on to lawn mowers. Somehow, I never expected to see a juxtaposition like this.

Happy Independence Day!

Bag Blog said...

Andy, when we left the cool, beautiful mountains of NM for OK, we moved to Loco, and people said we had gone Loco.

Buck, We could use a good soaking here. My DIL said it was 111 in town today.

Moogie, The Loco festivities are great fun. Maybe it is not the lawn mowers themselves, but the motorcycle engines they put in in them and then race. Such a man thang!

Andy said...

Lou, I don't think you're loco at all. Oklahoma is a good place with good folks. (Most all my wife's kin are Okies, and I'd stand with any of 'em on any field of battle).

We actually have lawnmower races a couple of times a year at Festivals in downtown Shreveport. They are "drag" races held on blacktop (or concrete), though. I've not seen them in the short track version. That looks spooky.

Course of Perfection said...

Everyone should experience an Independence Day celebration at Loco, America!

Andy said...

"Loco, America."