Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plumbing Problemas Otra Vez

You might remember that we had several water leaks last winter during one of the big (for Oklahoma) snows. In fact, we had three different water leaks thanks to the freezing temps. Last night we discovered another water leak. This one was near the barn where the water line T's into the main line. It is a weak spot. It is also where it broke last winter - this time it was probably due to the dry ground cracking and breaking.

We turned the water off last night after running a few buckets for necessities. This morning we were out before the sun came up to start digging. The leak was much easier to locate without snow covering everything and melting in big puddles disguising the real leak. Nope, when the rest of the pasture is dry as a bone, it is easy to see where the water is coming from. Toby, Jesse, and I dug the hole deep enough to expose the pipe and find the leak. Then Toby went to town for parts, while Jes and I finished digging around the pipes. It takes about an hour to get to town and back with the parts. That is without stopping at Carl's Jr. for a sausage-egg biscuit. As Jesse pointed out, once Toby left us to do the digging, the circus began. It is amazing how we seem to stand on our heads to get the mud out of the hole. I guess it's because strength is not our strong point (heh) and mud is slick and yucky. Sometimes I held the shovel while Jesse jumped on it. Sometimes I held the shovel while she loaded the mud on it. It sounds silly and looks silly, but hey, it worked. We gotter' dug. At some point I mentioned that it would be okay with me if she married some big galoot who could do plumbing and other chores around the Lazy B.

Once Toby got back with the parts (and no biscuit) we went to work cutting out the old pipe. Toby had bought some sort of rubber piece with clamps thinking that this would give some flexibility to the area. Keep that in mind as I finish this story. We had to cut and fit in three parts this time since the leak was right on the T. When we had all the parts in place, we sent Jesse to road on the 4 wheeler to turn the water back on with instructions on our hands signs. Both arms straight up means (touchdown) all's well, come on back. Both arms flailing and waving means everything went to hell - shut the water off. We gave her the touchdown sign and she came back. We began cover the pipe with the dirt/mud. About half the hole was covered when there was a loud KAPOW and water blew out like a geyser. Jesse squealed like a girl. I hollered for her to hurry and get the water turned off - she is just faster than Toby or I. Jesse got the water shut off, but not before the hole was now full of water with the three of standing there looking at it. I was the first to start laughing.

We started bailing water and digging mud. Jesse was not bailing fast enough to suit Toby; so he took the bucket away and did it himself. He imitated her bailing so slow. Jesse started singing in a falsetto soprano, "I will go and fetch the water..." Very melodramatic, but funny! Toby sent me to town to get the new necessary parts to fix the new break. He had me take back the rubber piece that did not hold so well - a bit too flexible I would say. The lady at the store asked me why I was returning it. I calmly answered, "It did not work." I wanted to shout, "It blew all to hell! Water and mud went everywhere! We had to do twice the work! But thanks for asking."

By the time I got back to the Lazy B (around 10:30) it was close to 100 degrees outside. Fortunately, there was a breeze, and we were covered in wet mud. Jesse tried to provide some shade with the kiddie pool - looking pretty silly. Toby put all the new parts in place. Jesse went to turn the water on at the road. It all worked. We gave her the touchdown sign. Rather than covering it all up, this time we decided to wait a little longer and make sure everything was in working condition. As I type, it is still uncovered. So far so good.


Buck said...

Jesse squealed like a girl.

Heh. Imagine that!

I hope Repair II holds for y'all.

joyce said...

wow. thank you for revealing the challenging side of country livin'. wow. Here in the city the water main breaks have been in the news. Keeping crews hopping. But, we so take our water for granted. we are so spoiled.

Bag Blog said...

We went to see "Captain America" in 3D. At one point, Captain America throws his shield and it looks like it is coming straight at you and out of the movie screen. Both Jesse and I squealed and ducked and laughed at each other.

There have been lots of water breaks in Duncan too. It is a long hot summer.

Andy said...

Yeah Lou, that's my M.O. when doing plumbing.

Leave 'er uncovered a while.

That was a funny read, Lou. It was so funny, because I can identify...

Bag Blog said...

Andy, you must have an exciting marriage, too.

Catherine MacDermott said...

Why is it that plumbing stories make for exciting marriages? We've got one where Craig almost sliced his thumb off -- but because he had just played cry wolf right be the "incident," I didn't come running when he REALLY hurt it. Yup, good plumbing stories go hand in hand with exciting marriages! :) Thanks for this one! Fun!

Bag Blog said...

Catherine, you really should not let Craig around sharp objects.