Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Report

Bo and GBN1 came over on Saturday to help with the house. Bo was good help - GBN1 was good fun. Toby had been doing some under-the -house work, so we had out the walkie-talkies. GBN1 LOVES to play with the walkie-talkies. They are like unlimited cell phones. She carried one around and chattered constantly while Bo and I textured the bedroom. Now and then, she would say, "Re to me" or something like that. When she was younger and we played with the talkies, I would say things like, "Mama Bear to Silly goose, come in," and other CB radio talk. GBN1 has no idea what any of that means, but she tries to copy me. You copy, little buddy? Anyway, after listening to much chatter over the walkie-talkie with a by-play of everything she did, Bo said he was for sure NOT getting his girls walkie-talkies for their house! I thought it was a great way to keep watch (listen) over her.

Sunday was a day of recovery. After church, we had naps. Then later in the evening we went to see "Captain America." It was a fun movie - watching with our 3D glasses. Stay until after the credits are over for a little insight to the next comic book movie.

Toby is off work today - meaning we will do lots of work around here. Jes is headed to The City to do some work. It's back to the grind.


Buck said...

"Back to the grind" means a finished house, sooner... no?

wv: meneado. No, no, no... it's menUdo.

Bag Blog said...

Having Toby homes does mean more work and more work means the house gets done faster. It's a good thang I have my MenUdo.