Thursday, August 04, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday at 6:00AM, we were driving over the mountains out of RR with coffee and a homemade sausage biscuit from Mountain Treasures. The temperature was cool enough to warrant a sweatshirt. There had been a nice little rain storm too. Last night I arrived at my house at 6:00 PM. According to the bank in Commanche it was 114. Jesse had a wonderful supper ready for me. Although it was stinkin' hot, it was good to be home. We did stop in Amarillo and have a nice lunch with my sister and her family - if you are wondering why it took so long to get home. It is just a long drive, and you lose an hour from Mountain time to Central time.

This morning it was back to the grind or should I say the diet or maybe both. I ate well in NM - twice at Sundance and twice at TR's with a few lunches thrown in here and there. We did some walking in the mountains to offset the food we were eating, but it is time to get back on the diet. Today, I went back to work on the house doing some texturing and painting. I went to WalMart for groceries. I also dropped by to see the GGs and take them their gift from NM - more on that later.

You'd think that I would have slept well in the mountains with the cool temps and rain, but I didn't. Maybe it was the excitement of being in RR that kept me restless. It could have been the staying up late visiting with old friends, but then waking early like I do at home. The old built-in alarm clock kept waking me up at my usual time, but in NM it was an hour earlier. It could have been that I did not have my usual sleeping partner. I did have a sleep partner while in RR - Kathy's dog loved sleeping with me. I am a sucker for a cute face. Last night was much better sleeping in my own bed next to my own partner (he has a cute face too) and my own dog. It is good to be home even if it is hotter than the dickens!


Andy said...

Lou, I enjoyed the trip along with you. Would love a little mountain air about now, myself.

You're right, though. It's always good to get home...and most especially to get back to your best bed buddy.


joyce said...

I am so glad you got to enjoy some cooler mountain air. This heat is incredible. not only is it hot, but not cooling off at night. our new record breaking "low" was 86 degrees for a few days straight. I could not sleep at 3am, so I took the dog out, and it said 91 degrees still. yikes.

Glad you are home safe.

Buck said...

I'm glad SOMEONE in NM is getting rain. It threatened here last night and rained a teeny-tiny bit Wednesday night but other than that? Nada.

At least we cool off at night; I'm thoroughly enjoying sitting outside until around 2200 hrs every evening lately. One bennie of no rain: clear skies and lotsa STARS.

It sounds like ya had a great break.

wv: surgene. That thang that makes doctors' kids wanna go to med school.

Bag Blog said...

I think everyone should head to the mountains right now. This heat is ridiculous.

We need something major to change this weather - I don't know what, but anything.

NM does have some stars. Maybe you should head to the mountains for a few days too.

I love the "surgene" thang.

Jo Castillo said...

Good to see you, I'm happy you are home and sleeping better.

I like the surgene thing to.

My vw ditom - guess that is ditto!