Thursday, September 01, 2011

School Daze

After school yesterday, I ran some errands and had lunch with Toby. Then I came home to take a nap. I was exhausted, and it only got worse. By evening I thought my head would explode from sinus pressure. My sore throat went to full blown head cold. Today is much better. Drugs, rest and prayer does that for you.
Jesse came home that afternoon to take her motorcycle to the tag office. She said it was a hot miserable ride. She is hoping to sell her little Kawasaki. Let me know if anyone is interested. Anyway, she had some funny things to say about school: She said there was a girl in her classes who wore long mid-calf length denim skirts, her hair in a big bun, and really high heels. Jes said she was like a fashion Pentecostal woman.

In Jesse's government class the teacher had an open discussion - she said the word "politics" and let everyone have their say - positive or negative. Then the teacher said the word "politician" and had more discussion. Jes said the problem was not politics or politicians, but the young people in her class without a clue and have voting rights.

Jes mentioned a beautiful athletic girl in her class who had already missed several classes. Jesse said she wanted to tell the girl that she should at least pretend to care.

She had lots of other stories and comments - I think she loves being in the middle of all these students. She was always my social butterfly.


Andy said...

Glad you're feeling better, Lou. A summer cold IS a different animal.

I do not envy Jesse. I do not believe that there should be a "poll tax." But, I do believe there should be a "poll test."

People should at least be able to prove that they understand the office, or the issue that they're voting on. Nothing too could even make it multiple choice, and it would suit me.

Buck said...

In Jesse's government class the teacher had an open discussion - she said the word "politics" and let everyone have their say - positive or negative.

Oooh... now THERE'S a situation that's fraught with danger. I'm sure Jes has the good sense to hold her tongue when the situation calls for it. The Halls o' Academe are littered with the corpses of students who told the truth once too often. But then again, mebbe not. She IS goin' to school in Texas. ;-)

In re: riding a bike in gawd-awful heat. Been there, done that, had a TON of sweat-stained tee shirts. But I always wore my leather. Good on Jes for doin' the same.

Glad you're feelin' better!

Bag Blog said...

Andy, some of these kids are just young and ignorant - been through public schools and just repeat what they have heard.

Buck, Jesse is pretty good about her mouth - more like her father in that situation than her mom.

Moogie P said...

Keep feeling better!

fashion Pentacostal woman excellent! Maybe Jesse has discovered the next fashion trend -- haute Pentacostal.