Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Air Show Video

I took several short videos at the air show. It was much easier to follow the planes when they had the smoke tail. The sun was so bright that it was difficult to see the screen on my camera. This video is of a bi-plane - the pilot did some amazing flying. I liked it when he flew right on the runway dragging one wing. There is another video of this plane, but I mistakenly said something in my Texas Twang - sounding so stupid that I don't think I will post it. You will see the back of Jesse's head in the video. I may upload (download?) another video of a little jet that was pretty cool. For whatever reason, I did not video the F-16, which was my favorite. Maybe I was just too fascinated - awed - into a stupor. Maybe it was so late in the show that I was just too tired. Although, the Canadian Snowbirds were the last to fly and I did video them - just for Deb.


Buck said...

Pretty cool!

Becky said...

Very cool!

Andy said...

MONOR! Death wish deal goin' on there.


WAY cool!

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Must be the patron Saint of WAY cool monors.