Thursday, October 06, 2011

More Sheppard Air Show Photos

Although you might be tired of all the plane photos, I wanted to share the rest of our day at the Sheppard Air Show. This photo gives you an overview of the air show - Vietnam era helicopter, old Army bi-plane, aerial stunts in the background. Same with this photo - I don't know what this plane is, but in the photo, you get to see lots of air show stuff - people, planes, stunts.
We saw most of these planes fly, but my ability to photograph them in the sky was not good. Thankfully after the planes flew, they posed nicely for us.

This little plane and pilot were amazing. He flew several times throughout the show doing different stunts.
After this plane flew, we followed him to his parking spot and watched as he folded his wings.
The nose art that caught my attention here...and maybe the pilots resting in the shade.
Of course, we took some more silly shots too.
This is Adam, one of Jesse's coworkers from Halliburton.
The show ended with some amazing precision flying by the Canadian Snowbirds.


Buck said...

Although you might be tired of all the plane photos...

NEVER. I look at plane pr0n EVERY day; it's even better when posted by friends.

Nice shots. It's the old warbirds that really float my boat. The jets are nice and all that, but the STORIES those warbirds and the people who fly and restore them have are simply priceless. It's history you can touch, feel (like when the ground shakes as those old Pratts fire up), hear, and smell. "Priceless," as the ads say.

Andy said...

Looks like a great time was had by all.

Adam probably has it for Jesse.

Just sayin'...

Heh! Word verification: tornator


Bag Blog said...

You are right, all plane pron is good. Every plane that flew at the show, was my favorite.

It was a good time. Adam may have it for Jesse, but the feeling is not returned. He is a fun guy and a bit lonely since he is far from home - so he hangs with us.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, so cool. Haven't been to an air show in decades. Thanks for the memories.

My verification, "actori", guess I haven't been checking your blog often enough!