Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Almost Gone and Art Show

October is almost gone - how did that happen? Although it was in my head that Toby had another trip to Houston at the end of this week, I didn't realize that it was also the end of the month. I had planned on going with him this trip so that we could stop in Austin on our way back. I had big hopes to see my brother and his wife, maybe see fellow artist and blogger, Jo Castillo, and of course, eat migas a Magnolia's (possibly drink a beer and go dancing ect). It was also in my head that Jesse would have a student art show around Halloween, but for some reason, I did not put those two things together. It became clear to me on Sunday that I could not go to Houston with Toby and make it to Jesse's art show on Friday. Dang!

Jesse's art show is Friday night at the MSU art building in conjunction with an exhibit by two Taos artists, Amy Cordova and Dan Enger, called Saints and Sinners. By the way, there used to be a bar in Espanola, NM, called Saints and Sinners right on the main highway to Santa Fe. On a school trip years ago, the school bus pulled over to wait on a student who was suppose to be following the bus. The bus parked right in front of S&S. The students and I got a big kick out of that - the Questa ISD school buss in the parking lot of Saints and Sinners! Anyway, the art show should be fun. Some of the students are planning on wearing costumes since it is close to Halloween. There will also be a couple of workshops on Thursday and Friday that I am planning on attending with Jesse. Yep, I chose Jesse.

She is planning on putting this photo of Ranger in the art show along with a painting she did of this photo. I searched and searched for the actual painting, but could not find a photo of it. Maybe she will post it. I wanted her to put this painting in the show, but she did not listen to her mother. Still, her choices were good, and the show should be fun.

Speaking of art, it is time to start my young ladies art class - today as a matter of fact. With the house building, my tutoring, and Mom's health issues, I just haven't started art. When I realized October was almost gone, I thought I needed to just jump in and have art class. Big sigh. I look forward to being with my students. They keep me young, but it just seems like a lot on my plate. I just can't believe it is almost November.


Buck said...

The art show sounds fun. And I'm with ya on the "time flies" thang... it's just moving TOO fast these days. Dang. At this rate I'll be dead soon.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, they say time flies faster the older you get. Darn it! Seems strange that when we finally get to where we should have more time for ourselves, it goes faster!

Becky said...

I agree with you. I like the painting of the man. And yeah, it's hard to believe it's almost November.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, the painting of the man got an honorable mention at another art show.

Jo Castillo said...

Oh, sorry you didn't make it by here! Would have loved to see you. The art show is important and I love the entries. Jesse should do well.

We may get a sprinkle tomorrow as it is cooling down. It dropped all the way to 76 right now. Ha.