Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Puhfect Weekend - Almost

Other than a big storm that blew my patio furniture and the grill out into the pasture, it was a beautiful weekend. One Adirondack chair was broken to bits when it was rolled by the wind. My iron table with tile usually does okay in the OK wind, but not this time - we will need to replace several broken tiles.

All of that after a perfect Saturday. Toby and I worked on the vent hood and flu pipe during the morning. The GGs arrived around lunchtime. Bo helped his dad to finish installing the ductless ventilation kit and attaching the pipe to the ceiling. When we got that done, we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine with a little kite flying. GBN1 had a little Tinkerbell kite she wanted to try. It was pretty jicky - little plastic thang that came all apart. Everyone tried to make it fly, but it mostly "went crazy" as GBN1 said. I did make a video of GBN2 throwing it up in the air while her dad tried to run with it. By the time he finally got it in the air, GBN2 was more interested in picking flowers. Toby got out the big kite, which I have posted about before. It flew puhfectly. But kite flying was only fun for a little while.
Horses were much more interesting. And of course the 4-wheeler was the best. When the GGs went home, Toby and I worked a bit more, and then settled in to watch baseball and football games.

If you followed the link above to the big kite/kayak story, you will notice how full the pond was back in 2008. It has had its ups and downs since then, but look at this photo taken yesterday. Notice how low the pond is. It was even worse before we got a few rains this fall. If you are wondering, only the two sorrel horses in this photo are ours. The other five horses (various photos) have been staying with us due to the drought. You might note how horrible the grass is too.

You may also be wondering where was Jesse during the kite flying. Well, she went to Norman to kick around and go to the TT vs. OU game. It stormed there Saturday night as well. The game was postponed due to lightening and did not get started until 9:30. Made for a long night.

After the freak storm Saturday night, Sunday was beautiful again. Toby worked on the stove some more - changing it to propane. We got it all hooked up, but it is not in place yet. We ran into another problem - not enough room between the cabinets was left for the stove. It was so close that I thought we could just soap the sides of the stove and squeeze it into its slot. But no. The cabinet maker will need to come work on the cabinets. This morning, Toby asked me to make oatmeal - the first thang to be cooked on the new stove. Yeah, not to exciting, but it was a hot breakfast and Toby was happy.


Buck said...

I only watched two football games yesterday, but one o' them was the OU-TT game. I came away with BIG smiles, grins, and cackles when it was over... Long night is right, especially for OU.

Your pond IS low, but at least it's still there. I'm thinkin' a lot o' ponds in West Texas/Eastern NM have simply vanished this year. It's been bad.

Jo Castillo said...

Wow, I've missed a whole week of your and my lives. Shucks. Fun to read back about all the fun and not so fun. I do about the same when Gene is gone. We were just "syncing" our phones in the Escape and he got so irritated. Then he went off to town so I said, "Don't you want me to go with you?" I got a grin at that and he left, escaping in the Escape.

I think when men are gone they think time stops until they get back. Gene could never understand that I didn't just sit around and wait.

Love all the stories. Hope to keep more up to date. Hugs.

P.S. My word is "rearoct" Does that mean to get up off my rear in October or what?

Bag Blog said...

There is a couple at church who met at TT the same time Toby and I were there. We all did high-fives yesterday.

The only reason our pond has not dried out is that it is deeper than most. I should have taken a picture earlier when it was really bad.

I can't believe you would tease Gene!

Becky said...

I didn't watch the TT vs. OU game. I intended to, but the rain delay put it too late for my liking. OUs loss is going to make for an interesting season.