Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Okie Fun

A troll by any other name still stinks. But then, it is spring and the skunks are scurrying around at night stinking up the countryside and causing a raucous. Such is life in the country as well as the Internet.

My sister and her family came up on Friday. We had an art lesson and painted a bit, but the day was just too beautiful to be inside. When Toby and Jesse got off work, we decided it was the perfect day to fly a kite - just enough wind to make it fun. With all the rain we have had it was also a good day to do a little kayaking too. We launched the kayak into the pond and the kite into the sky letting the kite pull the kayak across the pond. It worked well, but the trees were a bit of a problem toward the end of the ride across the pond. Fortunately, we had my brother-in-law here to get the kite out of the trees and briar (hehe). The second trip across the pond Toby held the kite while my nephew did the steering. This time we managed to keep the kite out of the trees. The afternoon was getting late, and it was time for Toby to cook his famous fajitas on the grill. So Toby left the kayaking to the BIL and nephew to paddle around the pond while we fixed an excellent meal.
The Grand Girls were here to enjoy the excitement of the kayak, kite, and cousins. GBN2 discovered the fun of being pushed around in "Bess’ car." She would prop her little elbow on the side door and drive with one hand and honk the horn – all with a poker face. GBN1 eventually took over the car (couldn’t let her little sister have all the fun), and GBN2 got ousted to the tricycle. When GBN1 left the car unattended, GBN2 ran for the car and did a "Daisy Duke" into the window of Bess’ car. She really thinks she is big riding in Bess’ car. We decided to send the car home with the Grand Girls – so we loaded it into the back of their mini-van. GBN1 climbed into the back with the car and got wedged between Bess’ car and the backseat. She hollered, "I’m stuck!" Thinking that it was just a ploy to not get into her car seat, no one really thought she was stuck, but when her mother reached back and caught her hands to pull, sure enough she was stuck. In her best dramatic voice, GBN1 said, "It’s no use!" We all started laughing. Her daddy mocked, "Save yourself!" and we laughed even harder. Opening the back of the van was all it took to "save" GBN1.

Saturday was spent doing some spring cleaning around the yard and house. Toby started up one of his favorite toys, the bulldozer, to work on the driveway. This included pulling some old pipe fence posts with the dozer. I got to be the grunt who stood around and hooked the chain to the bucket of the dozer while Toby got to drive/play in the dozer. We got lots accomplished including lunch with Jesse at a local hamburger dive.

Sunday was the usual church day for us fundamentalist Okies. GBN1 & GBN2 had pretty little dresses looking quite lovely. GBN1’s dress was that silky, taffeta type material. Holding her during church was like trying to hold butter. She does sit in her own seat, but it is still a bit of a wrestling match with her in my lap, on her seat, coloring in her notepad, dropping her colors, going to potty, etc. After church Jesse went to Lindsay’s to ride four-wheelers and shoot guns (good Okie fun) while Toby and I took a nap. What a great Easter! Us Okies find fun in the simplest things.


Inquiries said...

Did you count how many times you used Okies or Okie? ;)

Sounds like you guys had fun!

Junk Diva said...

I see you decided not to stir a hornet nest today. Looks like fun, I like the kite pulling the kayak. Your grandbabies are such a hoot.

Course of Perfection said...

I agree, the kayak-pulling kite sounds like LOADS of Good Okie Fun!

Fire Fox said...

I think I might have been an Okie in another life! JK... send some of that warm weather this way please!

Buck said...

Dang! That kite/kayak thing looks like Big Fun!!

Becky said...

At the risk of being called a copycat, that kayak/kite thing looks like soooo much fun!

Bag Blog said...

It was fun, but it will be better on a lake when the water is a bit warmer.

Fire Fox, if you had joined in the fight over the weekend, someone might have called you an "Okie" too :)

I think I should make my readers honorary okies.