Friday, October 21, 2011

Too Much Alone Time

Toby is coming home today after spending the week in Houston. With Jesse off in WF, I have been all by myself - not such a bad thing. It was kind of nice being on my own, doing things when I want, eating when and what I want, etc. Last night I flipped back and forth between my favorite TV shows and the World Series. Toby would have done this too, but he would have been in charge of the remote. Sometimes he forgets to go back to the TV show - causing me to nag. We are such an old married couple. I am glad he is coming home.

It has been rather quiet with only me and my pets. To make a little noise, I've been watching the morning news. And let me tell you, you can only watch so much without your eyes rolling back in your head. Although bloggers are all talking about the Wall Street protestors, GMA is not. The wild animal kill in Ohio seems to have captured the attention of Mass Media. Personally, I'm sickened by the killing of so many animals - maybe it was necessary, but still, it was just yuck. Hearing the hearing on how Michael Jackson died, is also sickening. Maybe it is important to prosecute the doctor who gave the deadly drugs, but still, Michael's life was just yuck. And now we get to see graphic photos and videos of Gaddafi's death. Once again, sickening and yuck. In other yuck news is the missing baby Lisa. Once again, it may be important to get the news out in order to find the baby, but it is all the speculation that makes me crazy. And I could care less about Lindsay Lohan - yuck and double yuck. The one thing I did enjoy was their dog contest and these videos.

Spending time with Mom and Jesse yesterday was fun. I got Mom out and about doing a bit of shopping. Then we picked up Jesse at MSU and went to lunch at Chili's. I think the waiter could have been interested in Jesse, but she was an oblivian. That girl (deep sigh)! Not that she needs a waiter/boyfriend, but she does need to pay attention.

Being alone this week made me realize how much I have been missing Jes. She sure seems to be enjoying college life. As usual she has become involved in all sorts of stuff. Although she is not taking a pottery class this fall, she spends lots of time in the ceramic dept. The professor asked her to work as his teacher's aid, which means she will learn how to pug the clay and make the glazes. She also joined an art fraternity so that she could participate in student art shows and such. The first show is coming up around Halloween. My mom is greatly enjoying Jes, and it is good to have Jesse looking out for Mom. I guess I can share the Jesse joy with others, but I look forward to having her home this weekend - and Toby too.


Buck said...

It was kind of nice being on my own, doing things when I want, eating when and what I want, etc.

I certainly hear THAT. I've lived alone for so long... doin' what I want when I want... that I doubt I could go back to living with another person. Fat chance o' that, actually, so it's not to worry.

Yet I understand what you're sayin'. It was ALWAYS good when I got back from a TDY or bid'niz trip and/or when Paula returned from bein' away. A different space in time, that.

Andy said...

Lou, the title of your post is interesting. Sometimes Pam will be away for a couple of days with her Mom. I really enjoy the empty house...but just for a couple of days. Any longer than that would be "too much."

Now...I'm sure she'd LOVE for me to go somewhere else for a day, or thirty...

Bag Blog said...

Buck and Andy,
I agree. It is good to get some alone time, but I am glad when Toby is home.