Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Children's Sign Class

MUSH ALERT: this video was taken by a parent for a grandparent. It contains grand babies. It may be something only a mushy grandmother can truly understand or enjoy.

As mentioned in yesterday's post, my DIL worked with the children's sign class to teach them several songs, which they performed at camp. Although you cannot see my DIL in the video, you can hear her sing as the children sign - very talented. GBN2 is the youngest in the video. She is actually very good at signing and can do a much better job than she did in the video, but as I mentioned, camp is very wearing on little ones. In many ways, GBN2 reminds me of Jesse when Jes was little. Jesse loved singing with the little church choir, but would act totally bored when she got in front of the church - often sitting down on the stage and propping her head in her hands or leaning on the podium as if too bored/tired too perform. Yet, when she wanted to perform, she was perfectly capable - as is GBN2. After the soccer game on Sunday, GBN2 unexpectedly belted out The Star Spangled Banner. She did an amazing job. People stopped to listen to her and applauded when she finished the song. Although she sits down in the above video and does not sign the second song, she jumped up and sang with the children's choir (different video) who sang after the sign class, and She did a bit of signing while she sang. Who knows what lurks in that little mind!

GBN1 is also signing. She is very much her mother - talented and a perfectionist. That is the Piper's daughters standing near GBN1.

Another talented kid is Jake. I took this video of Jake and his dad playing catch - another mush alert. Both of Jake's parents are athletic.


Buck said...

Very nice. And your DIL does have a good voice!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Buck.