Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Report - Camp Y'shua

Camp was all that it was cracked up to be! We had beautiful weather with temps in the 80's and lots of sunshine. I waited on Jesse to get in from WF before heading over to camp on Friday night. Camp Y'shua is north of Ft. Sill and behind Meers, butting up to the in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. It is a beautiful area, but drought conditions made things ugly, and fire had burned several homes and much of the surrounding land. Luckily the fire did not burn the camping area or the lodge, but actually burned right up to the edge of the camp. As one camper put it, "Wow! It looks like they could have filmed Mordor (Lord of the Rings) here." This is a picture of my good friend Dawn and her husband camping. Just beyond their camp things turn black and ugly.

I was able to play lots of volleyball, but didn't over-do it as I have at past camps. I've made myself sick playing so hard at past camps, but live and learn. I will leave that to the younger crowd. I did played a new three-way volleyball game, which was lots of fun. You can see the tree nets set up here. The rules were a little different - first team to get ten points lost. With the three nets and teams, you really had to be on your toes. Here is a little different angle showing the camp lodge and mountain.
Late in the afternoon, there was the big softball game. I was content to just watch, since there were so many players already.

We also spent lots of time with the GGs. The GGs and other kids play hard and get really dirty. Here is GBN1 and her friends making "toe-pie" in the sand. Here is a pic of GBN1 and her BFF.

Saturday evening at camp is music time. People with talent get to show their stuff. Once again, I am content to just watch. My musical talent is nil, but my DIL is most talented. She has been taking the GGs to ASL class and taught the kids to sign two songs. I'm in the process of uploading a few videos on my YouTube account. When I get them on the computer, I will share them. Kids are always great subjects.

Toby and I came home Saturday night, but Jesse stayed at camp the entire weekend. Toby left for Houston after church. Sunday afternoon, Bo had a soccer game, and I went. It was a good game - this time they only lost by one point. After the game several families went to eat sushi. I went too, and tried the sushi. The fellowship was fun. Several people had me try their favorite sushi. It was all good, but we got there about 5 and did not get out until 8 Pm. I was just too tired for that kind of wait, and I had other expectations - made me a bit grumpy. I had been hoping to spend some time with Jesse before she headed back to school. Although it was 8:30 before I got home, Jes and I did watched a stupid move together and laughed lots - a sure sign we were both worn out.


Buck said...

So... is there just one ball in 3-way volleyball? Or do you have to keep your eye on two?

You had a full weekend, dint ya!?! You also sound less than impressed with sushi... am I reading that right? Maguro is MY favorite...

Bag Blog said...

The food was good, but getting the food was extremely slow. My plan had been to eat and go home to see Jes. Instead, we were in the restaurant for three hours. I was just irritated.

I had a shrimp tempura roll, which I liked. I really like the mustard/horseradish stuff mixed with the soy sauce. The guy next to me had a bagel roll which was really good. I also tried a few others sushi. Bo had some sort of spicy roll, but the bagel roll may have been my favorite.