Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nothing New

It is a quiet day, and I am puttering around the house doing odd jobs wondering what the heck I can post.
Last year at this time, Jesse was in France having a great time,
found a knight in shining armor, kissed a frog or at least jumped over it, and Toby and I were working on the outdoor kitchen/patio. I went back to Oct. 2010 of my blog archive for the reminder. If you missed Jesse's France photos, you can go take a look-see. In fact, she was in France Oct. 2009 also. If you missed photos of Toby and I working on the house, you didn't miss anything new.

It seems that no matter how close I think we are to finishing the house, there is always something else. Does a house ever really get finished? We had some tile problemas and had to call and order different tile. The v-cap tile for the kitchen did not match the kitchen tile. Although we picked up the tile in Austin last summer, we are just getting to the tiling, and just finding that we do not have what we need. We thought things would go faster, but not. It will be two weeks before we get the right stuff. It is okay; it's not like we don't have lots of other work to do - finishing the bathroom tile, putting down some flooring in the bedroom, and the ever present never done trim boards. Because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it just makes me a bit more anxious to getter' done.

And of course camp is coming up. This weekend we will stop all work and have fun and fellowship camping with everyone from our church, and we will play some major volleyball. Of course, the GGs will be there. I am so ready for this.


Becky said...

Our church used to have a church wide campout, but they don't any more. I kind of miss them. They were a lot of fun.

Buck said...

Does a house ever really get finished?

No. None of mine ever did; the worst in that regard (but my favorite of all the houses I owned) was the Dee-troit house, which was built in the mid-20s. We had a major project going in that house every single year for ten years... plumbing, wiring, build a new garage, rip out old concrete, yadda, yadda. And then I got transferred just about the time we thought we had it all done. (sigh)

That said, newer houses stay "done" longer, methinks. So ya have that to look forward to!