Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shot in the Foot Dead Solid Perfect

We seem to be shot in the foot lately with our house building. We bought all sorts of plumbing pipe to hook the sinks up, but still do not have it done. Toby sat in the floor surrounded by said drain pipes of every shape and form trying to put them together to hook the double sink together and to the drain. It was like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. My job was to hand him parts and put in my womanly two cents now and then. I also sat with pen and paper taking notes on what we needed to buy to make things work, and I used the paper to hide my giggles. In the end, he decided to do something a bit different and will need different pipes.

Toby also had some question about the grout that I bought and thinks that we should take it back for something different. So, we cannot grout the bathroom tile yet. And we cannot tile the kitchen yet, because we have the wrong V-caps. We bought the alhambra tile, but got home with the talavera V-caps. They don't quite match up. The tile store in Austin will exchange the tile, but what we need is back ordered. That is okay; Toby will be in the Houston in a few weeks and can pick up the tile when it comes in. In the meantime...

Last week, we started to put up the vent hood over the stove, but had to stop and put a solid board into the wall where we would hang the hood. This meant cutting into the wall, nailing in a board, taping and bedding, and then painting the spot. I did all of that earlier this week. While in WF on Sunday, we bought some 6" flu pipe to getter' done. The job called for putting pipe up to the ceiling, going through the ceiling, and taking the pipe on through the roof - a fairly big job. Since we cannot work on the tile or the sinks, we decided to hang the vent hood last night. This time, we hung the hood without any problems, but then as we were marking the spot to cut a hole in the ceiling, we discovered that there was a truss exactly where we would have to cut. Who would have thought we could be right on a truss! I mean dead solid perfect! It was definitely a coffee and cigarette moment. We finally decided that we would not go through the ceiling at all, but would use a non-ducted recirculation kit for our vent hood, which will have to be ordered from Sears. After all the coffee and cigarettes, I think this is a great decision and will work well, but it means waiting on the parts.

So, Toby is taking a half-day today. We will be heading to Lowes and Home Depot to take back items that we don't need after-all and exchange them for items we do need. There is always something else to work on. I have been wanting to get the bedroom ready for carpet. We also need to do the dreaded trim work. I am determined not to move into this house without trim work (famous last words)! But we need to buy the wood, and I need to sand and stain it. And there is always the closet shelves. We are still not pleased with the tile sealer we used, which pooled in places. We took some of it off with lacquer thinner, but we need to order more sealer - what else is new? Did I mention that Toby is going to Houston all this next week?

On a lighter note, Toby called Jesse last night so that they could look at the moon and stars together. It was a lovely evening. She has a new post up at her blog with more of her art work and a video of one of my all-time favorite movie bits.


Deb said...

My job was to hand him parts and put in my womanly two cents now and then. Did you get 'the look'?

Buck said...

The moonrise the last couple o' evenings has been SPECTACULAR. And our skies have been crystal clear, as well, so it's been a great couple o' nights for looking up. Which I did.

Does Home Depot and Lowes have frequent flier programs? You guys should have a LOT o' miles by now... ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I actually know a enough about such stuff to make a good guess now and then. But sometimes I do get the look - especially when I purposefully get silly.

HD and Lowes should give frequent flier miles. I'm beginning to know all the employees pretty well and I definitely know as much about the products as they know. I think they should pay me.