Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All Gone

Soup is not my favorite, although I do seem to be all about food these days. Last night I made Thanksgiving leftover soup. I combined the fancy corn/pepper/cream cheese (that my sister had made) with garlic potatoes and the last of the turkey. I threw in some bell pepper, celery, onion, and yellow squash. Using the last of the chicken broth (used to make the dressing) and Cajun seasoning, I made a darn good soup. We then ate the last of the pear pie with the last of the whipped cream. The fridge is almost back to normal - whatever normal is. I still have some dressing left, but I may crumble it up and pour my soup over it. Yum!

Speaking of food, I read where Burger King is changing their French fry recipe. Yay! I like BK burgers better than some of the other fast food chains, but their FF are not so good. I love McDonald's fries, but not so much their burgers (I do eat them now and again, but they are not my first choice). So, if BK has better fries, I may eat there more often. Hey, it's not like we have lots to choose from here in Duncan.

Funny BK story: When friends of ours moved to OK from NM, they bought a ranch with over 1000 acres. It was a huge piece of property, and you can imagine the cost. When our friends signed and closed the deal, the realtor took them out to eat. I'm sure he had just made the commission of the year. He took them to Burger King. Only in OK!


Buck said...

Hey, it's not like we have lots to choose from here in Duncan.

You have more to choose from than I do, M'Dear. Don't you have a sushi place?

Your soup sounds pretty tasty.

Bag Blog said...

We do have sushi. I should count my blessings:)

Becky said...

I still have a ton of turkey! Finished the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, though.

I love BKs french fries! I prefer McDonald's Angus Bacon burger, though. It doesn't have mayonnaise, so that's one less thing I have to worry about.

Andy said...

Lou, I only eat two items of fast food. Period.

An egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns from BK. Excellent!

McDonalds breakfast sucks, and I wouldn't dare try anything after 10:30 in the morning there.

Oh wait...BK makes a dang good fish sammich, too! I don't see how McDonalds stays in biniss. Must be the toys...

Oh, I actually got hungry reading about your soup. Imma soup lover, and will probably be eating soup at least four nights a week now that winter is setting in. Sounds like a plan!

Bag Blog said...

Grandkids make us eat at McDonalds more than we normally would. Now days, they have pretty good we do breakfast there sometimes and let the GGs play in the playground.

Moogie P said...

That soup sounds wonderful! Since we went to Little Rock for Thanksgiving we don't have any leftovers, but we did get a sandwich or 2 before we went home.

Wendy's has the very best fries. And a pretty darn good grilled chicken wrap!

Bag Blog said...

Moogie, I love a good chicken wrap - that is good info. Turkey sandwiches are the best after-Thanksgiving tradition.