Thursday, December 01, 2011

Girlie Girls

My house and land are being used for a model shoot. Lindz is taking photos of a young friend who is a senior in high school. These will be her senior pictures. There has been lots of hair doing and make-up-ing. Why do women where perfume and make-up? Because, they are ugly and they stink. Of course my girls are not ugly nor do they stink. It has been fun watching the beautiful Victoria turn even more beautiful. I have some pics I might post or add later when I have a bit more time. Lindz brought all sorts of clothes for Victoria to wear for different photos. Lindz is certainly the fashion coordinator. They have gone from jeans and Converse tennis shoes to dresses and high heels. Amazing! To have all this going on here makes me feel very girlie girl. It reminds me of the days when Jesse and Lindz and friends would dress up and take photos just for the heck of it.
You may remember the St. Valentine's Day Shoot
Long before that there was this raining girls photo. And the Ball Game (wearing ball gowns) was lots of fun

Believe it or not, there were lots more of these photos through the years than shown here. No wonder Lindz and Jesse are so good at photography.


Buck said...

Jesse's photography is one of the best aspects of following you, Lou. As you've said: the girl has major talent.

Moogie P said...

What fun!

Bag Blog said...

Gee, Buck, I thought it was my excellent writing that kept you coming by.

Moogie, life is never dull with Jesse around.

Buck said...

I thought it was my excellent writing that kept you coming by.

That too. ;-)