Friday, December 02, 2011

Photo of the Photo Shoot

V is a natural beauty and does not normally wear makeup or dress up much, although she definitely has her own style. Being a jeans and T-shirt sort myself, I totally understand this. Just because we don't wear lots of makeup and stylish clothes, doesn't mean we don't know how to. This is how the process started with Lindz doing a makeover on V. I should have taken more photos with all the different clothes V wore throughout the day. You would have been amazed at the different views of V.
This V looking more like her natural self on her convertible Cruiser. Here they are getting ready to do some shots in my living room using my funky chair and great light. I liked this picture with their heads together going over the photos. V has a great smile, but she really liked her more serious pics. Personally I prefer her smile - what mom wouldn't? But here she is in a serious pose - or was she just worn out?


Buck said...

V IS a very pretty girl.

Moogie P said...


Bag Blog said...

Buck and Moogie,
Yes she is lovely.