Monday, December 05, 2011

Weekend Report - Irritation

The Brown truck of happiness (as Buck calls it) brought our tile Friday evening. Well, the Brown truck brought most of it. It seems a part of our order did not get put in the Brown boxes, and yet, they charged us $100 to ship the tile. That was not Brown's fault. The tile people are really very nice people, but they do seem to be in the land of manana. It is enough to make a preacher cuss.

We had the GGs starting around noon on Friday through about noon on Saturday. It may have been the wildest 24 hours of my life. Wait! I had the GGs most of that time. Toby worked until 5 on Friday, and then he went back in to work on Saturday morning saying it was "end of the month closing" and he had to work, but I have my doubts. He also managed to sleep through little voices calling "Booboo..." in the middle of the night. "Booboo, is it time to get up yet?" "Booboo, my legs hurt. Will you rub them for me?" "Booboo, I can't sleep." Neither could I. We finally all got up and built a fire and made pancakes in the new kitchen. The new wood stove seems to fascinate the GGs. We had many "talks" about not getting too close, not touching, not helping, not building a fire on your own, etc, and only one spanking. When Booboo opened the door on the wood stove to place a log on the fire, it was not a good idea to hurl a piece of wood at the fire from several feet behind Booboo. I took the GGs home a little before noon where they promptly broke down and had to be put down for naps. There is just something about coming to the farm that wears everyone out.

Toby came home from work (or whatever he was doing at the office) soon after I got home from delivering the girls to their parents. We took a nap (it was necessary) before going to work on the tile. Then we worked until supper. We sort of bogged down on the 45 angle of the counter. We worked and worked and moved tile and tried all different ways of putting the tile on that part of the counter. It was definitely a cigarette and coffee problem. Instead of smoking and drinking, we went to the Chuck Wagon for supper. When we got home, we sat down in front of the TV to watch the Bedlam (OSU vs OU) football game. Most enjoyable! The tile came together much better the next day.

Sunday I had planned to wear my new green sweater to church, but opted to wear a bright orange shirt instead. For all those obnoxious OU fans who had gone on and on about OU on FB, I just needed to rub it in a bit. After church, we hit the tile hard and gotter' done. We got the counter top down, but not the back splash. And of course there was that bit of tile that did not get shipped (sigh).

Today I did my tutoring and then stopped by Wal-Mart. Since I have been wanting a pair of black jeans, I decided to go next door to Fashion Bug to check out the jeans. The sales lady asked me if she could help. I told her I was looking for black jeans. She showed me some black chino pants. I said, "But those are not jeans."
The sales lady said, "Yes, they are!"
I said, "No, those are slacks. I want jeans."
She said, "They are jeans."
Me, "No they are not."
She," Yes, they are!"

I stopped. Good grief! I was arguing with the sales lady. Even if she were right, which she wasn't, I wouldn't be buying anything there now. Tactless sales people tend to irritate me, so I left. It is not wise to irritate Booboo - especially when she is tired.


Buck said...

It looks like you had a massive affliction of The Clueless... GGs, tile people, salespeople, obnoxious OU fans (is there any other kind?). Wow. That wasn't a weekend to look back fondly on! Well, except for the game. I watched it, too, and was most pleased at the outcome even if I didn't have a dog in the fight.

It's good the tile went together for ya.

Bag Blog said...

Ya know, Buck, it really wasn't all that bad. Since we were able to get lots of tile down, I was a happy camper.

Moogie P said...

The nap was my favorite part!

Andy said...

Lou, I think the orange sweater was the right way to go.

I mean, there's no place like church to rub peoples' noses in a humiliating loss.

God bless ya' for it!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Andy! I was nice enough not to wear a Texas Tech shirt after they beat OU, but I back-slid after the OSU game.

Andy said...