Friday, December 09, 2011

Laughter Is the Bests Medicine

Although I have started a couple of posts, I have not finished either. One post is a rant and the other is serious thoughts - neither seem that important to anyone but me. So, neither have been finished and posted. Like my house - unfinished.

Jesse's computer crashed, so she brought it to Lindz and Shay on Wed night. They are very handy computer doctors. Thursday morning Jes and I went back to WF - Jesse to finish finals and me to take Mom to the doctor (MD not computer tech:) Jesse said her final did not go well, since the test had questions on it that were not covered in class - been there; done that.

Mom's appointment went well - I guess. After Thanksgiving, several family members and friends had different theories on what was wrong with Mom and what to do about it. With the internet, everyone is a doctor these days. I carefully and respectfully brought up everyone's theories to Mom's doctor. He was very patient and understanding in answering me. Still, we don't have a name for what Mom has. Fiberomyalgia or polymyalgia rheumatica were both possibilities, but were basically treated the same - the same as he is treating her now, but with no name to what is causing the problems. As long as Mom continues to improve, I don't see that we need or can do anything else. And she has improved. We spent the rest of the day having lunch, which she ate plenty. Then we went shopping. She held up well all day. She laughed and laughed when she tried on size 8 slacks that were way to big for her complaining that she did not care for the "big bell bottom" style. Both the sales lady and I explained that the slacks were not bell bottom, but just way too big. Still, she insisted that she wore a size 8. The sales lady brought a size 6 pants, but Mom had trouble getting them on. That is when the sales lady pointed out that Mom should unzip them first. The funny thang was that Mom had put on the size 8 pants without unzipping them and did not realize the pants even had a zipper - that's how big they were. I loved it that Mom laughed. It has been while since she laughed a lot. At lunch we ate at Olive Garden. As we got up to leave, Mom and I stood up together nearly head-butting each other. We both sat back down and laughed and laughed. It was a good day.


Buck said...

You're right about laughter. It's much better when ya have someone to laugh with, though.

Dave (aka Buckskins Rule) said...

I have a tendency to look for the humor in any situation. If nothing else, it can break the tension.

Becky said...

I'm one of those who laughs at all the wrong things. And not at what I'm supposed to laugh at.

Bag Blog said...

Maybe you should try again. Just for kicks!

I agree.

You never know what people will find funny, but laughter is good.

Moogie P said...

I even laugh with myself sometimes! And at myself. Laughter can be cleansing, unless it's the inappropriate giggles -- which I also do.

Andy said...

I'm like Moogie...continually laughing at myself. I think probably most of us that hang out on the 'net together are that way, too.

But, even though I enjoy laughing at myself, I truly love the heck out of laughing at other people!!!

I try not to point while I'm laughing, but sometimes I do stare...

That's a funny story, Lou.

Catherine MacDermott said...

So happy to hear your Mom is doing better AND laughing! This is GREAT news! You are a wonderful daughter