Friday, December 30, 2011

80th Birthday

Last night we celebrated my mom's 80th birthday in the usual Barker tradition - lots of family, food, and fun. I took an old photo of a young Bonnie Nell looking pretty sassy back in her day and made invitations out of it. I'd do not have it scanned or on my computer to share, but I will work on that.
In the meantime, she is looking pretty sassy at 80. This is the four of us kids.
Here are all her grandchildren except Nina.
Of course we had Mexican food - it is what we do best. I think I ate more last night than I did at Thanksgiving or at Christmas. Hmm, turkey or tamale...I choose tamale. Several cousins and relatives came - it was good to see my cousins. Uncle Paul is always a hoot.
And several of Mom's friends came, too.
I'm about partied out, but today is GBN2's birthday. The camera battery is charging. Expect more photos tomorrow.


Jo Castillo said...

Aw, such a beautiful mom. And, a beautiful family. I love seeing you all. I can't believe how your GBs have grown. It looks like a great time and makes me hungry. Gotta go raid the fridge for a tamale.

Buck said...

Ah, what shiny happy people! (That's a line from an REM song, lest you think I'm bein' weird) Happy Happy to Mom... and MANY more.

Mmmm... tamales. I didn't blog it, but I got a dozen homemade tamales for Christmas. That was my best Christmas present this year... which isn't hard to say, seein' as how it was my ONLY Christmas present. Heh.

wv: murgazi. A tony suburb of Benghazi, where all the cool Libyans live.

Bag Blog said...

I'd like to raid your fridge too.

I'm glad you explained the "shiny people." I'm not sure we are the shiny, but it sounds nice.

I love your wv.