Sunday, January 01, 2012

Party Party Party

First there was all the Christmas parties. Then we started the birthday parties. After Mom's party on Thursday, there was the next birthday party - GBN2 turned five years old on Friday. They started off with a skating party in the early afternoon followed by a nap before the pizza and presents. The nap was a good idea. It seems like one party after another lately makes for tired little girls. But I loved the way GBN2 blew out her candles - classy.


Andy said...



That is just precious, Lou. And, my goodness, she is just like a picture of a little girl!


Just precious!

Her poor Daddy...

Bag Blog said...

She can definitely work a crowd!

Becky said...

I love that! Hard to believe she's 5 already. Boy does time fly.

Jo Castillo said...

Too cute! She is so lovely. My smile for the day!

Buck said...

Wow. Like Andy said: what a cutie!

Bag Blog said...

She still cracks us up like she did when she couldn't sign with her mouth full.

Yep, time does fly. Cody was just a kid when we first started blogging.

She takes after her grandmother:)

Moogie P said...

SOOO cute! With a killer smile!

Andy's right.