Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Shoes

I meant to post yesterday, but my head swelled up and my ears were hurting and I had trouble focusing. Drugs helped, although Andy would not sell me any of his Drixoral stash. Today is much better. I did get out and about yesterday to quilt with the ladies at church. We have a young couple in our church getting married soon, so the ladies are making a wedding-ring quilt. I don't sew much, but I can cut and pin and make lunch, etc. Usually, I just harass all the other ladies who are serious quilters. I'm not a serious anything. Seriously.

Toby ordered my Christmas present. Kind of look like hippie shoes - don't they? Just call me the granola grandma. I have had a pair of these for a while, and they have holes in them and the back is worn off. The insides are worn through, but I love them. I bought my first pair in Taos years ago. I called them my "happy shoes." They are quite comfy. When I saw the price of the new shoes, I was aghast. Toby said he thought they were expensive too, but since I had had the first pair for so long, he knew they would last for a long time.. After doing a bit of figuring, I realized that I had had my first pair of happy shoes for about 20 years. But then, I only wear them in the winter. Toby said, "Okay, so you've only had them ten years. It is time for a new pair."

We are having a little Christmas party/talent show on Saturday. Jesse wants us to do this scene from "The Three Amigos."


Buck said...

Kind of look like hippie shoes - don't they?

Nope... they ARE hippie shoes. But hippies have some good ideers, too. Sometimes. DAMHIK.

Jesse wants us to do this scene from "The Three Amigos."

Choreography and all? That's pretty complex, if so. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I promise not to wear my hippie shoes in public.

Maybe I can have someone video the talent show - then blackmail...

Andy said...

Just don't sink to Crocs.

Lou, I said I wouldn't sell you any of my Drixoral stash. I never said I wouldn't bless you with some as a Christmas present.

But, since you're better now, maybe I'll come up with something else.

Bag Blog said...

Last summer I bought some Croc flip-flops - they are heavenly. But, I would never buy the big boat Crocs.

Becky said...

I think the shoes look comfy. I"ve never worn crocs either.

Bag Blog said...

If you like flip-flops, the Crocs are great support. And the hippie shoes are even better.

Trade Printers said...
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