Wednesday, January 04, 2012

In the News

It's funny what catches my eye on First I have to admit that I run through the headlines there. I used to go to Fox News, but I don't really like their layout. Silly maybe, but there it is. This morning as I perused the news, I clicked on the "7 Fantastic Tips to Eating Less." Don't bother going there; nothing new. Next I clicked on the "Destruction of Wedding Dresses." I didn't read the entire article, because it was not that interesting either.
Now the "Dion and the Belmonts Singer Dies" article was more interesting, and Fred Milano was worth reading about. When the kids were young, we did lots of rocking out to The Belmonts. "Run Around Sue" and "Help me Rhonda" (which was pronounced "hep me") being some of our favorites, and of course, "The Wanderer." We liked to pretend to rip open our shirts and show 'em Rosie on our chest.

As far as other news went, well, I did look at the headlines for the Iowa caucus. For some reason, it burns me up that the Media has put so much emphasis on Romney and Newt while rarely mentioning Santorum. I've kind of liked Rick, but haven't thought he stood much of a chance, since he is not mentioned in the news. It makes me feel like the Media is choosing who should run rather than the people. I feel like I am being pushed around - kind of like when they tell me what is politically correct or what movies are great. I don't think they know their caucus from caca.


Buck said...

I don't think they know their caucus from caca.

Heh. Truth is: they don't.

Sad about Fred Milano. I hate it when I read about my peers dying (Milano was only five years older than me, so I consider him a peer). You KNOW hat that means...

wv: synter. I think that's a process of joining one metal to another, but I could be wrong. Or mebbe it's kinda like "saunter."

Bag Blog said...

I hear you on the peer thang.

Moogie P said...

I missed the Milano news, but I loved those songs, too.