Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday Cutie

GBN2 said she wanted to play on the "duht hill." Monday was "puhfect" for playing outside at the Lazy B. We walked down and fed the horses. Nacho the pony came up to eat and let us pet on him. He would have followed the feed bucket anywhere ( I don't know why his owners can't catch him). We found a great stick down by the pond, which had been chewed by beavers. GBN2 said it was going to be her cane, but it was way too tall for her to use as a cane. I showed her how to hold it as a walking stick - like Moses had. "You mean a staff?" she asked. "And he thew it down and it tunned into a snake!" She is so smart! She carried that stick, jumped, jabbed, threw, swiped, hit, rode, and all the things a kid can do with a stick. I jumped, ducked, tripped, got whacked, and repaid evil for evil. Then I suggested she take the stick home with her :) We played house in the horse trailer and sat on the flatbed trailer in the sunshine to drink our hot chocolate - the dogs loved that. For lunch we had chicken nuggets dipped in Ranch dressing and for dessert we ate a cutie (little orange). It made us extra cute and made GBN2 giggle when I told her so. She put an orange slice up on her lip and did her deep voice, "You must pay da went..." We walked to the mailbox while she told a story about a "Gwandmutha and a little gill who took a walk..." The dogs ran around us barking and carrying on while we walked. I said that Jack, the red heeler, was a bad little brother. "Ya mean they ahh bwuthas? And Zoe is the big sistuh?" This was a whole new thought, which delighted GBN2. When her mother called and said she was on her way to get GBN2, she said, "But I haven't done evweething yet!"


Catherine MacDermott said...

These are what memories are made of. What a beautiful day; so simple, yet so full!

Bag Blog said...

From one gwandmutha to anothuh - simple is best.

joyce said...

too cute! Did the stick go home with her?

Buck said...

...and repaid evil for evil. Then I suggested she take the stick home with her :)

Heh. Another sort of evil (so to speak), repaid. ;-)

I do that sorta thang with my grandbabies a lot, too.

Becky said...

What an absolutely perfect day! BTW, I still have my favorite childhood stick--which I found when I was 12.

Bag Blog said...

The stick did go home with her, but I saw it on their porch as if it had already been ousted.

You know me well.

That is amazing to keep your childhood stick. Mine is probably still in Red River on the Island.

Bobby said...

A pleasure to read! What a sweetie