Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday, Toby and I got up at his usual pre-dawn time, but this time we both headed out the door before 6:30 to take the Subaru to be worked on in The City. Although we just spent a small fortune to have the turbo put back together, now we spent another large sum on the clutch. The Subaru is a neat little car, but dang! We dropped it off and headed out of the city by 8:30 AM. Toby stopped in Chickasha on the way home to look at Chevy's. Yeah, we are thinking about a switch. Going all the way to The City for work on a car is just yuck.

We were back in Duncan in time for my tutoring session, which went well. I had lunch with my girls and did a bit more teaching. Not knowing when the Subaru would be ready, I drove all the way home after tutoring only to have Toby call and say to come pick him up - that the Subaru was ready. So back to The City we went. Now I like going to The City, and I like spending time with Toby, but I hate driving separate cars - following each other around The City.

Some of you know that my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and you know what a brat I am. Yesterday I was a big brat. While in The City, we did a bit of shopping after picking up the car. Toby wanted to go by an Academy to look at guns. Yep, he wants to buy me some fire power. That is fine, but I have been wanting some different fire power - like a Kindle Fire. So guess what I got? I got me a Kindle! Yeha! I also got new underwear, but I won't tell you all about that. Although we did look at guns, we will have to wait on those until we have tried a some out. Maybe I will get a gun for Mother's Day.

Last Sunday while having lunch with the GGs, I asked GBN1 what she wanted for her upcoming birthday. While in The City last week, her parents had bought her some in-line skates. Her mother made it very clear, "You know that you already got your present, and there will not be another present (from them) ON your birthday..." GBN1 nodded solemnly and said she knew and understood. Last night we bought her several little things while in Academy. And yes, we did look at guns while there.

After our shopping, we stopped by Ted's for some excellent Mexican food. I was having a great day with my hubby, Kindle, underwear, eating at Ted's, etc. Then Toby said, "Now you know that you have your birthday present, and there will not be another present ON your birthday..." Like a good eight year old, I shook my head and said I understood. As long as I get a cake...

Actually, I have one more present coming. We are going to Lubbock for a wedding and I will get to spend my birthday with Bear and Anny. What could be better? Maybe Anny will make brownies.


Jo Castillo said...

Happy pre birthday! I bet you get presents anyway! Nice on the Kindle. The other fire power will come.

Hard to decide on cars. We sure like our Escape, get about 27-28 miles to the gallon.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, my birthday is not for another ten days, but I like pre-blessings. Cars are difficult; we still do not know what we want. The Subaru is a nice combination of sedan/suv, but it does not get that great of gas mileage thanks to the turbo. But it is heck of a lot of fun to drive.

Buck said...

What flavor Kindle? I still love mine...

It sounds like you've been snake-bit with your Subaru. SN2 has owned three of 'em over the past ten years or so and they've all been reliable lil cars. He loves 'em.

Bag Blog said...

Since we bought the Subaru used, it could be that it was just time for things to go wrong. Maybe now that we got it running good, it will all be okay. Or not.

I got a Kindle Fire.

Becky said...

My cousin got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and she said it's the best present she's ever gotten. I hope you like yours just as much.

I got a Kindle last year for Mother's Day. I'm a little aggravated. If I'd just waited a few more months, I could have had a Fire for just a few dollars more than what I paid for mine.

Bag Blog said...

I have not had a lot of time to play with it, but so far it is fun.

Buck said...

I got a Kindle Fire

Cool. I've been deluged with marketing krep from Amazon, like everyone who's ever bought anythang from them. I've come close to pulling the trigger on one but I really can't see how it would be better than the combo of my laptop and existing Kindle. I'm cheap, too.