Sunday, February 26, 2012

Class Time

A good friend of ours taught a conceal and carry class on Saturday. It was an all day affair, but something that we had been wanting to do for sometime. Jesse, Toby, and I took the class along with about 30 other people most of whom were good friends. Everyone brought pot luck for lunch making things even more enjoyable. My favorite part of the course was learning the laws. I should have been a lawyer. Gun laws are just fascinating. I was nervous about shooting guns on the range, but only because I have not done much shooting in a while. And there would be lots of people watching. It all went well except for the wind. The wind blew like a son of a gun.

With 30 people having to shoot, it took a while for everyone to get through this part. We all sat outside for several hours waiting our turn. The visiting with friends was great, but the wind got old. Now I know how a flag feels. Here is my friend Dawn and I propped up against the tire of a truck - it was a bit out of the wind and one of the few places to sit. Toby and I were two of the last people to shoot. It just worked out that way. When we got home, I wanted something warm to drink and just relax - glad to be out of the wind. I opened my vest and a shell casing fell out - kind of funny.


Andy said...

Lou, good for you and Toby!

Pam and I have been threatening for years to take CC qualification, but just never seem to get around to it.

In my job I carry a handgun (open), and in Louisiana you can open carry. But, I'd like for Pam to carry concealed, and I think she'll never get around to it if I don't go with her.

Putting that on my list of things not to put off any longer.

Bag Blog said...

I know what you mean about putting things off. I'm glad we finally made time for the class. It is good stuff to know. Now Toby will want to buy me a gun for my birthday.

Buck said...

The wind DOES get old. DAMHIK.

Hey! A gun fer yer birthday would be a danged fine present! I've been dropping hints about an M1911 to the boys for the last few years with no results...

Becky said...

I've been looking into getting my concealed carry permit as well. Good for you!

Bag Blog said...

You've been leaving your hints with "the boys"? There's your problem. I find with men, you have to be more direct on what you want for your birthday. Leave this hint with Irma:)

You should definitely take this class.

Jo Castillo said...

Enjoying this post and replies. No guns in our life anymore.

Moogie P said...

"Now Iknow how a flag feels." Heh.