Monday, February 20, 2012

Nacho Libre

Nacho is Libre no longer. Last summer a neighbor brought his four horses and this little pony to our place, because there was no grass or water at his place. We kept the animals until the New Year when they came and got the horses. But ponies are smart little critters. Nacho knew to stay out of reach and out of their horse trailer or it would mean going back to eating hay and being ridden every day. He evaded capture for a couple of months now. Although the neighbor's teenage boys came over and put on quite the rodeo, Nacho could not be caught.

It really was no problema. Nacho is a cute little thang, and the GGs love to pet him. Yep, he did not run from me and the GGs. He does like the feed bucket and he likes to be loved on. It was easy for me to slip a rope around his neck and load him in the trailer.

My dogs love him too - kind of a love/hate relationship. It became a game for the dogs and Nacho to aggravate each other. Zoe, the Dane, would bark continuously at Nacho, while Jack, the Red Heeler, would slip around and heel him. For you non-cowboys, that means Jack would bite Nacho on the back of the legs. Nacho was quick. He would act like nothing was going on showing no fear of Zoe's bark, but he kept his eye on Jack. When Jack made his move to get around and heel him, Nacho would spin. So would Zoe and Jack - like a circus act. Jesse posted a cute "My Little Pony" pic of Nacho - much more artsy than my photo.

Who could not love such a cutie? Well, he did come up in the carport and eat the dog food (cannibalism) and he did poop in the front yard. The dogs did bark at him constantly. He did fight with the neighbor's horses causing them some foot injuries. Yeah, it was time for Nacho to go home. He will be missed, but it sure is peaceful out there.
Now, this neighbor has been showing up lately to the enjoyment of my dogs. His name is Boots, but it should be Houdini, since he is an escape artist. He is pretty cute, too. I posted this photo last August when it was so stinkin' hot. Boots would come over, get in the mud at the pond, and then sit in the dog's water bowl. He has not been around much since he had a girl friend this winter. Apparently the girl dog has moved on, and Boots has been coming over to see Zoe - he likes his women leggie.

It is a good thang that I have Toby to reign me in, or I would have all sorts of critters here at the Lazy B.


Buck said...

...or I would have all sorts of critters here at the Lazy B.

Heh. I had to put my foot down w/Paula when we lived in Choctaw. At one point in time we had five dogs and a cow. The dogs were on her, she bein' a member of a dog rescue org, but the cow was on me... I told a co-worker he could board the cow on our back acre. The girl was always bringin' dogs home until I said "Enough!"

Nacho ain't the only one who's a fool for grandgirls and good lookin' wimmen. Just sayin'.

Becky said...

That's funny. Nacho kind of reminds me of Rylea. Sometimes she gets stubborn and will not come to me for anything. But my cousin can come over and she'll come right to him. Brat.

Bag Blog said...

I probably would have liked Paula, but...

Animals are funny that way. All the dogs love me best, but we have had some that no matter what, Toby was top dog.

Jo Castillo said...

Love those photos and story. Dogs can be stubborn and obnoxious. Jennie had a Yorkie that would not get close to Gene, but when it thundered and lightening he would go sit on Gene's lap like the doggie in the water dish. Ha. Reminded me!

I had a horse that we raised on a bottle and he would come to us, we could get on him out in the pasture, etc. But if we needed to ride him, he would stay at arms length. Heh.

Bag Blog said...

Funny how horses know when you are going to ride them. They also know when it is parade day - probably the white shirt gives it away - and the horses stay away.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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