Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend Report - Superbowl and Wedding

We went to a wedding this weekend. It is always nice to get dressed up and go somewhere fun. There was some dancing. I love this picture, because it shows the father of the bride and three of her sisters (wearing bridesmaid dresses) along with Jesse gettin' down. You may note that one of the sisters is about nine months pregnant. I thought she looked exceptionally beautiful. The sister with the long dark hair is one of my favorite art students. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady, It made me teary-eyed to see her walking down the aisle. I remember her as a talkative ten year old needing braces.
There was also some silliness, although I was trying to get a serious picture of GBN2 and Tia Jes. Yep, GBN2 is wearing glasses these days. It is a corrective measure. She says, "These glasses make me look adoable."
And then there was this handsome couple. GBN1 is also growing into a beautiful young lady, probably needing braces, too.

As for the Sunday Superbowl, well, I didn't have a dog in this fight, but it was fun to watch. We went over to the GGs house to watch the game with them and be whallered on. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I had a difficult time keeping the teams straight. Bo told me to just cheer for the red and blue team - ha. I had decided to be for Manning's team, but I kept forgetting which team he quarterbacked. It all worked out. Can you tell that I didn't really care about either Yankee team?

Not being a Madonna fan, I was not impressed with the half-time show. Once again, I just didn't care. As for the commercials, the Great Dane was my favorite, of course.


Buck said...

Great pics! Weddings are always fun; divorces not so much. But I've heard the latter CAN be fun...

Once again, I just didn't care.

That would be me; I didn't watch any of it. I can get all the commercials in one spot on the 'net today, so there was really no point in goin' there yesterday (other than goin' to a party, perhaps).

Becky said...

I thought the commercials were pretty lame, but then, I've never gotten the whole Super Bowl commercial craze. To me, a commercial is a commercial. Time to go to the bathroom and refill the snack bowl.

Bag Blog said...

This year it was all about going to the GGs and eating Cuban sandwiches, which were pretty good.

The commercials were not the best, but I did watch them and then go get food during the game.

Andy said...

I watched bits and pieces of the first half, then went to bed at halftime.

Madonna is a skag.

Would have rather had a fun wedding to attend.

Bag Blog said...

We stayed for the whole game. GBN1 taught me how to play Angry Birds while GBN2 climbed all over us and read to us from her library books. Never a dull moment!

Mrs. G said...

Love the pics! And thank you. You just made my day. *MUAH!*

Bag Blog said...

Luv ya, Mrs. G.