Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Weekend Report

Friday afternoon, a bunch of us old ladies, as well as a few young ones, met at the Diva's pool for a little chit-chat and sunshine. I snapped a few pics without anyone's really noticing - hence the oddities in my photos. Lindz seemed to be the only one paying attention to me and my camera. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. The rest of the weekend was not so lovely weather-wise.

I left the Diva's party early in order to help Toby with a water leak here at the Lazy B. Water leaks have become so routine, we can fix them with our eyes closed. Yeah right. He had already done the digging, so I was not much help. It is handy to have someone hand you things while you are knee deep in mud - my job. I am the ranch hand, after all.

Saturday we did some work around the house putting up this white-board and some trim work in our bathroom. When we added on the new addition, we framed in the old doorway and opened up a larger door to enter the addition. We had sheet-rock over the old doorway, but rather than taping and texturing and painting it, I wanted a place to paint or draw standing up. So, we put up white-board over the old door. The GGs, Jesse, and Adam had fun with the first drawings on the board.

Jesse had a photography assignment to take photos of our Easter traditions. We don't have any Easter traditions other than maybe decorating cascarones to hunt and smash on someone's head, and we have been known to buy a few critters for Easter - possibly ducks, chicks, rabbits and a goat now and then. We didn't do any critters this Easter, but we did do cascarones. Since Mom and Adam came up, the GGs came too. They decorated the eggs and filled them with oats rather than confetti. GBN1 hid the eggs and had the adults find them. It is always fun to smash an egg on someone's head. Jesse took pics, but I have not seen them yet.

Buck stopped by on his way home from KS Saturday afternoon. So, now I have had dinner with two blogger buddies in the last month. Maybe we need to host a blogger gathering here. I do like meeting up with blog buddies face to face. It is odd to have such a good friend online and then see them in person. Are our online personalities the same as our face-to-face personalities? With Buck, he is always a gentleman. He had some interesting conversations with GBN2 and held his own. Shay and Lindz showed up for a free meal and were the evening's whirlwind entertainment. The weather was not good for an outside happy hour, but we did okay inside.

Sunday was pretty low-key. Toby and I sang with the over-fifty adult choir at church - I'm glad that is over. We did well. Then we came home and took big-dog naps. The afternoon cleared off and was quite nice for my first big bicycle ride of the season. Although I managed the ride, I need to get into better shape if I am going to keep up around here. My diet is going well. I had lost 9 pounds. Of course, the beer and desert over the weekend was not so good. Why is it that just two beers and some chocolate cake will put you up two pounds, but riding your bike eight miles will not bring you back down? Such is life. Let's move on.


Buck said...

Why is it that just two beers and some chocolate cake will put you up two pounds...

I can only WISH that were the case with me... nothing seems to add weight to my poor, skinny bod. It's a curse.

Thanks again for your hospitality, Lou. As I noted elsewhere: you and Toby are blessed.

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Fun to meet Buck. Maybe we can meet him in Portales some year down the road. :)

Becky said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. We had to work, but Sunday after church I went to my cousin's house for a chicken and dumplings dinner. Yes, I ate too much. I'm afraid to see what my current weight is.