Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Stormy Tuesday

One upholstery class down and one to go! Last night was miserable. If it were not for my buddies in the class, I think I would be done - stick a fork in me. While were were all working or hanging out waiting on the teacher to be helpful, one of the ladies in class came over to my chair and joined in our conversation. Like the rest of us, she is older, heavier, and sillier. She commented on how nice my chair was turning out. I said that I was planning on sitting in it and eating bonbons. The Diva said we should eat bonbons at her poolside next week. Out of the blue, the lady added, "And have an Egyptian man fanning us and feeding us grapes." Her statement so caught me off guard, I cracked up. She is definitely invited to the poolside party.

Yesterday morning, I left the house with Toby at 6:30 AM and drove in the pouring rain to WF. Mom had an appointment with Dr. Ho. He is an older Asian man - extremely tall and thin, with a loud and fast way of speaking. He was a bit hard to follow, but he was great. He flirted with mom, teased her, made her laugh, and told her she looked good for an 80 year old woman - nothing wrong with her. He sent us on our way with a few simple instructions. I think I love this man.

Mom and I picked up lunch at Chili's and took it home to Jesse and Adam (my nephew). We had a nice visit and lunch. Because of my upholstery class, I could not stay in WF for long. I drove home in the pouring rain. All of this rain is good, but not much fun to drive through. At least we did not get the storms that Dallas got. Fortunately, most everyone I know in the Metroplex came through the storms with no damage. I know that others were not so fortunate. Tis the season. It is kind of ironic that my cousin, Mario who came to supper last week, was worried about the tornadoes in this area. He is working in Ardmore at the Noble Foundation. When he started work there, first thing he was shown was the basement in case of tornadoes - kind of freaked him out. Mario kept saying he had been through hurricanes, but was worried about tornadoes. Well, it was a good thang he was in Ardmore 'cause the tornadoes were in his hometown - Dallas. It happens!

I'm off to tutor. Have a good hump day.


Buck said...

I hear ya about drivin' in the rain. I had good WX all the way up to Kansas last Saturday and I'm hopin' for the same luck on the return trip... fingers crossed.

Good on Dr. Ho. A good bedside manner is priceless. My doctor is from somewhere in South America and is hard to understand, too. Sometimes I believe he must think I'm deaf, coz I'm always asking him to repeat himself. A THICK accent and rapid speech don't work well together. I'm glad your Mom's check up went well.

In re: tornadoes. I (metaphorically) held my breath for the two and a half years I lived in OKC. So I understand how Adam feels.

Jo Castillo said...

Need the rain, but not the storms!

Neat Dr. Always a plus. Gene's is from Peru, so they end up talking about Peru and not Gene's illnesses. Ha.

Tornadoes are soooo spooky. In LBB they always showed the symbol on TV and said it was in such and such county. Well, TX has 400+ counties and as a new Texican I didn't know where they were. Very worrisome.

Keep your heads down.

Bag Blog said...

I hope you have good weather too. We are hoping to set outside and have a wonderful happy hour.

"New Texican" I like that!

Becky said...

I understand how Mario feels. I grew up on the Gulf Coast, so hurricanes were old hat to me, but the four years I spent in Abilene, well, I still have the occasional nightmare.